Mizkif and his Twitch chat give $10,000 Christmas gift to viewer

Source: Mizkif/Twitch

Twitch streamer Mizkif raised over $10,000 for a new computer and money for college for one of his viewers on Sunday, during a stream where he was buying lucky members of Twitch chat presents from their Amazon Wish List.


Viewer Moxn01 was selected as one of the wishlist winners, but when Mizkif looked at his Amazon wishlist he found a $220 PC, a Razer Mouse, and a Samsung drive, all of which totaled less than $500. After determining with his chat that the PC was "dinky" Mizkif asked about the viewer's needs, finding out that he is 20-year-old college student from Morocco who wants a PC for school.  Mizkif decided, in the spirit of the holiday, to raise money along with his chat for the student's PC and schooling.


"Every sub for the next five minutes, I'll match it, and we'll combine whatever we have, and buy him stuff," Mizkif said. "So use your Twitch Prime right now, I'll match it, and whatever it is we'll get him."



Prime subscriptions immediately began rolling in, reportedly quickly totaling around $5,000 USD in value and pushing MIzkif over 30,000 subscribers. "You guys are nuts, chat" the streamer replied incredulously.


With such a large show of support from his wholesome chat, Mizkif decided to go all out for the kid, settling on buying a $5,000 OTK PC set up, a Surface Pro laptop since the viewer is an artist, and then the $5,000 for college expenses.


"I will get you an artesian PC. . . the really good one, the OTK PC," Miskif decided on stream. "I'll get you two monitors, and will come with a mouse and keyboard. If you promise me you stay in school, I'll give you $5,000 for your college. Okay? On top of all of it all."


In his chat response, Moxn01 excitedly replied "am I even awake? wtf is this real?" and expressed his gratitude to the stream and Mizkif himself. While Mizkif gave a lot of gifts away this weekend, the $10,000 group of gifts for Moxn01 was definitely the largest and most generous, from both Mizkif and his chat.

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