Ludwig and DrLupo call out Twitch for removing them from 2021 Recap

Source: Ludwig/Twitch

Twitch came under fire from its community and many creators on Thursday, after it was revealed this week that they will not be featuring Ludwig, TimTheTatman, or DrLupo in their 2021 recap due to those creators switching platforms.


The decision comes in spite of Ludwig carrying out his historic subathon this year and becoming the most subbed-to creator in the history of the platform during that unprecedented 31-day event. DrLupo and TimTheTatman also had amazing years on the platform, with Lupo being one of the most popular Tarkov streamers, and Tim signing a major deal with Complexity gaming.


"I’m bummed that I was completely removed from the Twitch recap," Ludwig said on Twitter. "Although I understand it from a business perspective it’s still sad to be erased from so many people’s year. Thanks to everyone who watched me."



DrLupo was similarly upset with Twitch, saying, "Shout out to Twitch for removing me from #TwitchRecap emails. I'm live [on YouTube] playing Tarkov to celebrate"



Twitch Streamer DisguisedToast, who recently made the jump back to Twitch from Facebook Gaming, called out Twitch for their decision to remove Ludwig after his revolutionary year on the platform.


Toast stated, "Ludwig pushed the boundaries of content on Twitch for all of 2021, even though he's not there anymore, I think he deserved the respect of being in the twitch recap. Keep your head up content king."


Devin Nash, online marketing guru and CMO of Novo, also spoke out against the decision from Twitch to remove the now-YouTube creators from the recap.


Nash stated: "Removing creators who moved to Youtube from Twitch Recap feels petty. There's no legal justification (AFAIK) and not much of a business reason to do this. Not a great look if your marketing shtick is 'we care about our creators.' It just feels like an unnecessary burn."



Ludwig, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman switched to YouTube near the end of this year, signing exclusive deals with the platform and joining a growing trend of creators abandoning Twitch. They joined other creators like Valkyrae, DrDisprespect, and CouRage who also stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming.


While it is somewhat understandable that Twitch doesn't want to promote their competitors, they are throwing out a lot of their own platform's most important moments by vindictively cutting some of their most successful former streamers from the recap. It is no surprise they are facing backlash for their decision.

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