Esports caster and analyst LemonKiwi faces sexism and harassment at hands of employer


Streamer and esports commentator Jennifer "LemonKiwi" Pichette revealed on Twitter that she faced harassment and sexism at a current employer in the esports industry. 


On December 13, LemonKiwi told her followers that she was "literally speechless" after seeing colleagues mocking her casting on the employer's Discord server. LemonKiwi added that the conversation also included her co-workers discussing how it's "not necessary to have women" in teh esports industry. 



The revelation had the esports community stunned. Many immediately asked LemonKiwi to reveal the employer since they deserved to be "harassed" and called out. Others said that a company like that didn't deserve to be in the esports industry, urging LemonKiwi to share the employer to better shun them from the community. 


After the continued concern from the esports community, LemonKiwi decided to reveal a little more about the situation. 


"This is NOT related to any companies I've worked with in Overwatch, TFT, or COD. They've all treated me perfectly. Thank you for the messages," LemonKiwi added. 

Many people noticed that Rocket League was left out. This is another esport that LemonKiwi has been heavily involved in recently, hosting a variety of events and tournaments. While LemonKiwi never confirmed that the employer was involved with Rocket League, this is the conclusion that her followers have come to based on the above information ruling out other games she's worked in. 




Many in the esports community have continued to voice concern over LemonKiwi's situation but so far, LemonKiwi has not appeared comfortable sharing the employer in question. 


The situation is sadly not unique in the esports industry. The industry has long been criticized for its lack of inclusivity. Most of the pro players are men as well as the staffers and employees. Women have often come forward with stories of harassment, not having opportunities, and feeling uncomfortable at events. Big names in the industry have also been called out, including Blizzard and Riot Games. 


For now, LemonKiwi has not discussed the situation further but many esports industry insiders are hoping to find out which company within the Rocket League community has harbored such an allegedly sexist workplace behind the scenes. 

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