Blizzard executive, former Trump staffer warns employees to "consider the consequences" of authorizing a union

Blizzard executive and former Trump staffer Brian Bulatao sent an email to all employees on Friday, warning them to "consider the consequences of your signature" in regards to authorizing the Communication Workers of America to represent ABK employees as their union in their ongoing fight for dignity and fair working conditions at ABK. In addition to his role as CAO at ABK, Bulatao formerly served as the COO of the CIA under Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020.


"As you make this decision for your future, we ask only that you take time to consider the consequences of your signature on the binding legal document presented to you by CWA," Bulatao stated. "Once you sign that document, you will be signed over to CWA the exclusive right "to represent [you] for the purposes of collective bargaining concerning all terms and conditions of employment." That means your ability to negotiate all your working conditions will be turned over CWA, just as the document says."


In the same email, Bulatao touted the "transparent dialogue" that he claims ABK leadership offers to employees absent a union, calling it a "better path" for quickly changing problematic policies than organizing and using collective bargaining to ensure leadership takes workers seriously. He also claimed that Activision is "making progress" on stopping harassment, protecting workers, and increasing their commitment to gender diversity, implying that workers don't need union protection.


These claims come after the company fired multiple QA workers off Warzone last week with no warning, hired a lawfirm reportedly known for union-busting, denied all allegations and responsibility for the reported abuse of women outlined in the California DFEH discrimination lawsuit, and actively protected CEO Bobby Kotick from removal despite him having allegedly known about and protected workers who sexually harassed subordinates. It was also revealed by multiple former and current female ABK employees this week that they had their breast milk repeatedly stolen and were forced to use unsanitary conditions when pumping breast milk at work, even after repeatedly reporting this to HR.


Friday's email has been called a "union-busting" message by Blizzard organizers.




ABK has seen multiple walkouts over the past several months to protest ABK's allegedly abysmal working conditions and failure to engage in an open, honest dialogue with their workers. Those walkouts followed the filing of multiple lawsuits against the company from various entities, including one on behalf of ABK workers from the CWA alleging ABK engaged in union-busting practices.


The CWA is the same union that is currently seeking authorization from the employees, as first reported this week. The ABK Workers Alliance also announced their strike fund this week, in preparation for the possibility of a strike against the company should they authorize a union. As of writing this article, the gofundme for the ABK Strike Fund is just over $237,000 USD.



Here is the full email from Bulatao for anyone interested in reading:


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