KT Rolster PawN: "Little down hearing Crown would naturally win in the mid lane"

Here is the interview we had with PawN, a prominent mid laner for KT Rolster. He has led his team to victory with his outstanding and secure mid lane plays, which he displayed throughout the 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs - Round 2. We had time to ask him several questions about his last match, and a bit about himself as well.


Hello, I am Wonseok ‘PawN’ Heo, mid laner for KT Rolster.

Q. Today’s draft seemed really great. What did you have as priority in your mind?

Since our bot laners usually do really well, we chose bans that would help our bot lane win.

Q. Weren’t you nervous about your matchup against Crown, a mid laner who has been in the LCK’s limelight recently?

When we first compared KT with Samsung, we thought our top and bot lanes had favorable odds whilst we were at a disadvantage with our jungler, mid, and support. Although we weren’t really nervous, I was a little down hearing people say Crown would naturally win in the mid lane.

Q. You must have had a different opinion regarding the match.

We weren’t doing bad, and things were going smooth since our mid and jungler did well, and we weren’t really nervous no matter who we were against.

Q. I heard during the earlier interview that you played Malzahar mid without being prepared for it.

I did play him once or twice. I didn’t… really practice a lot though.

Q. When do you think Malzahar is good to play in the mid lane?

Well, I will pick him if the enemy mid laner picks a champion before I do, and if I am certain that he is a better pick than what my opponent has.

Q. How did your team end up picking Jinx?

As for Jinx… This time, many ADC champions got banned, and Deft is really good at playing Jinx, so we decided on Jinx after one or two practice sessions before the match.

Q. There was a moment in which you seemed a bit down since you weren’t picked for MVP; were you looking forward to it?

I’m not really interested in being chosen for MVP; it’s the winning that I’m there for.

Q. You’ve been seen measuring and setting things up at your spot with a ruler, when did you start doing that?

Since I’ve joined KT, I’ve had this obsession; it’s sort of stressing me out.

Q. I’m wondering what your exact measurements are.

I can’t tell you that.

Q. People on the community websites say you look like Slowbro from Pokemon; what are your thoughts on that?

I think Slowbro is cute, so it’s ok.

Q. You have a long record of wins, but not at LCK yet. Tell us your ambition for the LCK finals.

I’ve never made it to the LCK finals before, but I’d like to experience how it feels and also win.

Q. Anything else you’d like to say?

I would like to thank all our fans for rooting for us, and we’ll try our best to show our best at the finals.

Thank you so much!

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