Ludwig challenges Dr Disrespect to "$1 million" 1v1 wager match

Ludwig Ahgren threw down the gauntlet on Monday, challenging fellow YouTube streamer Hershel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm to a "$1 million" 1v1 wager match on Twitter. The challenge follows Dr Disrespect playfully ribbing his newly minted YouTube colleague Ludwig over his repeated content ID bans on YouTube over the past few days. 


"@DrDisrespect let's find out who's the better gamer this week," Ludwig said in his Tweet. "1v1, luggage vs the doc. Let's say.... $1 million on the line"


Before anyone gets too hype, however, Ludwig clarified on stream that he didn't literally mean a million dollars, but instead was using the term "1 million" the same way Dr. Disrespect does, where every 1,000 viewers on his channel he sometimes calls "1 million viewers" as a running joking exaggeration on his stream.


"Doesn't Doc still do the thing where he has like 30,000 viewers and says there are 30 million people in the arena?" Ludwig asked his chat. "He says there is 30 million people watch, it's 30k, so I assume a million just means a thousand dollars."



The term luggage in the Tweet is also a reference to Dr Disrespect, in this case to a clip from Dr Disrespect's stream on Monday, in which he pretended to not know how to pronounce Ludwig's name in a roast, at one point pronouncing it "luggage".  


Were the Doc to take Ludwig up on the "million dollar" challenge, it is unclear what game they would actually carry out the 1v1 in. Ludwig is known for playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, as well as social games like Among Us and Mario Party, and on occasion chess. Dr. Disrespect on the other hand plays primarily fast-paced action-focused first-person shooters like Warzone and Apex Legends. So there is not the most cross-over between the two streamers' interests.


Ludwig realized too late that this is the week that the Warzone Pacific update is bringing a new map. Upon realizing his mistake, Ludwig asked his chat: "F*ck! Can I delete it? Why didn't anyone tell me this, I'll send it to him next week for the love of god!"


Dr Disrespect hasn't responded to the challenge as of writing this article.

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