Inven Global Awards: The best play-by-play casters of 2021 (nominees)


With the conclusion of the 2021 Season in League of Legends the Inven Global team (as well as some other strong League of Legends minds) got together to reflect on the standouts throughout the year. It was a great season of entertaining casts, memorable games, and stellar play. What better way to celebrate than with some end-of-season awards?


We're excited to present the second year of the Inven Global Awards (IGA). Voted by the editorial crew of Inven Global, along with some other experienced journalists and analysts, the IGA's celebrate the many strong facets of League of Legends in 2021 — the best teams, players, talent, and stories.


This time, here are the best play-by-play casters of 2021.

Max "Atlus" Anderson

With a swath of exciting competition to commentate in the LCK, and his first opportunity commentating a Worlds Final (only the second time this privilege was given to a Korean region caster), it was a productive year for Atlus. The genuine excitement that he could bring into games was a joy to listen to, and his chemistry with his co-casters was always strong. He has truly represented the LCK region as well. 


He makes LCK broadcasts enjoyable for a few reasons. He has followed the tradition of former Korean region casters like Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles and Erik "DoA" Lonnquist to be comfortable in sometimes going off-topic — bringing a refreshing and engaging angle to the cast. That’s not to say he isn’t serious when he needs to be. Listening to the passion and investment he has while describing teamfight can give chills, and he usually navigates them accurately. On top of all that, his voice is just so cool to listen to.

Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines

Although he was unfortunately absent from the Worlds 2021 broadcast, it was still a strong year of commentary for CaptainFlowers. Even when discussing with casters from other games, he is noted for his raw talent in creating memorable soundbites. Many casters simply highlight a good play with a simple description. CaptainFlowers improvises creative maxims that can make a good play that much more special. It’s something he’s been praised for now for years, and has honed this skill further in 2021.


That’s not to say he’s a one-trick pony, either. His energy and excitement he brings to a cast matches anyone else. Even in the most hectic fights, he has the knowledge and dexterity to commentate that accurately and on pace. He also acts as a great plug-and-play — capable of providing a great broadcast with nearly every caster you pair him with. A great year, just a shame though we couldn’t see him throughout the entire year.

Daniel "Drakos" Drakos

After receiving a fair amount of criticism for his casting last year, Drakos has made significant improvements. He clearly has become much more comfortable casting without a crowd, after struggling in the remote casting environment. Additionally, when casting for international matches, his bias towards LEC wasn’t as apparent as it was last year.

This led to far more polished casts in 2021. He has much more awareness of action across the map, and has once again shown great talent in highlighting the most necessary information in-game. His pairing with Marc "Caedrel" Lamont has created a very promising duo — their chemistry almost flawless. A definite step up from an already great caster. Plus, his rapping was once again on point.

Aaron "Medic" Chamberlain

Despite branching into other games like TrackMania, Medic has once again proven to be a strong casting talent. His enthusiasm and energy has been a joy to listen to — one of the best casters for following teamfights there is. Few talent can match the level of investment Medic shows at every stage of the game.


One of the aspects Medic is most noted for during his casts is his ability to set up his color caster. He always makes sure to ask questions and engage his co-caster as much as possible, squeezing out every last drop of insight from them he can. Medic on his own is great, but it’s how he supports other casters is what makes him special. Definitely speaks to his namesake.

David "Phreak" Turley

There’s not much else to say about the casting talent of Phreak. Given his long tenure with the LCS broadcast, the veteran talent has continued doing what he does well: providing wit, flavor, and excitement to any broadcast that he comes across. When some questionable play happens in the LCS, he’s able to approach it honestly and affectionately — unafraid to pull some jabs at his countrymen’s expense. This brings needed authenticity and flavor to the broadcast, something impressive for a caster who’s consistently improved over ten years.

Honorable mention: Trevor "Quickshot" Henry

Though Quickshot was unfortunately absent from a lot of the major casts this year, he still provided some of the best work in the LEC this year. He once again has acted as a great veteran leader for the European broadcast, and has helped push young casters to new heights.


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Inven Global Awards panelists:

Nick Geracie /// @NickGeracie
Daniel "Quest" Kwon /// @LoLQuestKR
David "Viion" Jang /// @David_Viion
John "OddBall" Popko /// @OddballCreator
Kim "Haao" Byung-ho /// @Inven_Haao
Jang "Irro" Min-young
Carver Fisher /// @Carver_Fisher
Josh Tyler /// @joshtyler
Andre Gonzalez Rodriguez /// @Vulv_
Tom Matthiesen /// @TomMatthiesen
Adel Chouadria /// @AdelChouadria
Yohan Markov /// @Esports_Person


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