VIRTUOSO cuts VALORANT player over underage revenge pornography distribution

CW: Underage-revenge pornography and sexual abuse

VIRTUOSO cut newly signed VALORANT player Anthony "Okeanos" Nguyen from their roster on Sunday, following backlash from their community over the player's past admission that he distributed underage pictures of his former partner as a form of revenge against her for breaking up with him. The team only just signed Okeanos this month to complete their new VALORANT roster. Now they are once against looking for a fifth member.


VIRTUOSO explained on Twitter: "After discussing this internally with the team and the recent response from the community, we have decided to part ways with Okeanos as part of our roster. As a result of this, we will be pulling out of NSG this Monday and we will begin searching for a player to complete our starting five."



Okeanos' ex-girlfriend Rachel, who was 16 at the time of the event, posted a Twitlonger in July, accusing Okeanos of sending revenge pornography of her. In that statement, she explained that they dated for just under a month before breaking up. After breaking up, Rachel claimed that Okeanos sent underage nudes of her to people in her Discord server, after claiming he had deleted them.


"Yes, he sent a minors' pictures around. MY pictures," she stated. "Okeanos turns 18 in November and I am currently newly turned 16 years old (May.) I am a minor and under the age of consent, so the sharing of my pictures is ILLEGAL. Okeanos is well aware of my age and did not ask for my consent for sharing this explicit photo."


Following that statement, Okeanos admitted to what Rachel had claimed, saying "it is 100% true" and calling it a mistake.


"I understand the severity of this situation," Okeanos said. "I'm sorry, I know some of you guys looked up to me, I'm a better human being than this, and the actions I committed should not be excusable. This is something extremely severe, and I will not make a mistake like this again. I am going to learn from all of this, and become better."


With such a serious admission of misconduct, it will likely be difficult for Okeanos to reenter a professional team any time soon.

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