Hideo Kojima: "[Arcane is] a digital video achievement between realism and art."

Screengrab via: The Game Awards


The praise for Riot’s League of Legends-based animated TV series has been widespread and effusive so far, with critics calling it one of the best animated series ever and fans of League and other esports unanimously loving the actions. It turns out one of the most famous names in gaming also happens to be enthralled with the show, as legendary game designer Hideo Kojima revealed on Twitter this weekend that he thinks Arcane is "awesome".


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Kojima’s twitter praise for the show also contained a note of regret, as the Japanese auteur revealed he had been invited to an early screening of the show, but had declined the invitation. He said he was ‘sorry I turned it down’, before going on to call the show "a digital achievement between realism and art", and claiming Arcane is the "future of animation and CG (computer-generated imagery)".



Arcane premiered on Nov. 6 this year, to rave reviews, and Riot have already confirmed season 2 is in the works, with the program having risen to top spot on Netflix’s viewing charts, knocking hit series Squid Game off the number one spot. IGN also awarded the show a perfect 10, saying Riot’s creaton “is the first video game adaptation that’s truly a masterpiece, breaking new ground for what’s possible in TV animation."


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Kojima is best known for creating the stealth game genre via the means of Metal Gear, a series he began back in the 1980s while working for Konami. His most recent work included the divisive but critically acclaimed Death Stranding, and he has also worked on graphic adventure games like Snatcher and Policenauts. He is known for his deep storytelling and intricate narrative in games, and has written for Rolling Stone on the relationship between gaming and film, as well as telling the BBC his ambition to move into cinema with his own company, Kojima Productions.

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