"Checkmate dipshit": Asmongold mocks NFTs on Twitter, calling them "ridiculous"


"Am I out of touch or have people lost their minds?" 


World of Warcraft veteran Asmongold has expressed that he's not a fan of NFTs, a rising trend in the gaming community and beyond. 


Many influencers, from esports organizations to content creators, have started getting involved with cryptocurrency and NFTs, which are "non-fungible tokens." NFTs are becoming more and more popular, with everything from Twitch clips to artwork becoming available in this medium. While definitely innovative, a lot of people have started questioning the validity of owning digital artwork and have become skeptical if it truly has value. 


One of those people is Asmongold. 


In a recent tweet, Asmongold said that he understands NFTs as technology, but fails to see their value as a commodity at this stage. He said: "Am I the only one who finds people scrambling to spend thousands of dollars on a picture of a monkey ridiculous?"



The response to Asmongold's tweet have been mixed. Some people in the gaming community have embraced NFTs early on. Even though it may just be a "picture of a monkey," this is an item that others are willing to pay for, which gives it value no matter what the medium is. One person even told Asmongold that it's "ridiculous" to spend money to "watch other people play video games," attempting to prove that everything is relative as the world continues to grow and change. 


But others agreed with Asmongold, calling NFTs cringe and scams. Sentinels streamer Daphne “39daph” Wai said: "There are wayyy more people trying to scam each other than people who actually care about the technology/art aspect. They just hope they're not the last one holding the bag reselling NFTs hoping for a profit." 


Responded Asmongold: "Hot potato except its not a potato and actually its not even real." 


Another person ironically said "checkmate dipshit" to Asmongold, sharing one of the now-infamous monkey NFTs in the replies. These images are from Bored Ape and are often used as avatars on different social media platforms. There are currently over 10,000 images, which are currently worth "millions of dollars." 


In response, Asmongold screenshot the image and then shared it back to the user, repeating "checkmate dipshit." When the user replied with "FUCK," Asmongold screenshot the reply and then told everyone he was now taking bids on the screenshot, jokingly selling it as an NFT. 



It's unclear where NFTs will go in the future. It's possible that the market will explode as people find more uses for this innovative technology. But it's also possible that NFTs will fizzle out as people continue to mock the concept. Either way, Asmongold is most likely not going to be one of the next influencers to sell his Twitch clips as an NFT. 

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