2nd Weekly Esports of April - Lunatic-Hai enthroned at last, new LoL champs revealed, and more




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Here’s the Weekly Esports, a news piece talking about what’s been going on this week. 
Let’s have a look at what new information we have this time.

The Overwatch APEX season 2 grand finals match between Lunatic-Hai and RunAway concluded last Saturday. There were some intense battles between the teams, leading all the way up to last set of the match. In the end, it was Lunatic-Hai who claimed the trophy.

The outcome drew quite a lot of attention to the team as it was their first win, and the audience picked Ryujehong as the MVP, with Seungjoon “Whoru” Lee becoming the MVP of the final match.

The team finally managed to get out of second place, and much is expected of them in the upcoming season.

The new champions, Xayah and Rakan now join the fray at the Summoner’s Rift. The interesting point is that they are the first duo champions in the game, just like Cho’Gall of Heroes of the Storm.

Although they can be picked separately, the duo champions provide great synergy when they are picked together. Players are curious if there will be a new possible ban-pick style in LCK for these two.

After 5 months of ‘Mean Streets of Gadgetzan’, the newest expansion has been revealed. ‘Journey to Un’Goro’ features 135 new cards themed after curious and brave adventurers exploring the Un’Goro region.

Did you pick a good deck this time?

This was Weekly Esports, signing off.


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