Asmongold calls Blizzard greedy in newest World of Warcraft microtransactions rant


World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has harsh words for Blizzard once again. 


The World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch developer has been the subject of a lot of controversy recently. Employees recently walked out after the company's board supported CEO Bobby Kotick despite him being accused of threatening to have a female employee killed. He also knew of the ongoing sexual discrimination and harassment, choosing to ignore it and keeping accused employees in the company. 


Blizzard's ongoing legal battle and public clash with employees (and the gaming community as a whole) has oftentimes leaked into its games. Earlier this year, Blizzard made some changes to World of Warcraft paintings that hid previously visible cleavage and renamed achievements that had sexual inuendos. Through it all, Asmongold was vocal about the in-game updates, calling out Blizzard for making pointless changes that did nothing to change the actual situation. 


Asmongold has been frustrated with World of Warcraft's gameplay as well, prompting him to try out other MMORPGs. He recently submitted a scathing application to WoW's Community Council, which was unsurprisingly rejected by Blizzard. In the application, Asmongold discussed his experience at the Torghast Adamant Vaults, criticizing the game for its repetitive awards and calling the gameplay boring. 


Now, Asmongold is calling out Blizzard once again. This time, he is taking aim at new cosmetics and microtransactions, calling the developers greedy. 


Asmongold criticizes new World of Warcraft microtransactions

In a recent stream, Asmongold made it clear that he believed the new microtransactions in World of Warcraft are bad for the game.


Asmongold first explained that the sets in the game will not end up looking as good as the sets that are put in the store. 


"This set was not more well designed, and this set was not more unique, and this set did not have much more effort put into it," Asmongold ranted, noting that there are 3D assets used for the purchasable Celestial Observer's Ensemble in WoW's shop that are missing from the new gear set. 


But Asmongold made it clear that this was part of a bigger problem: Microtransactions in general. Asmongold noted that he has been against microtransactions in WoW for a while now, something his followers — and the overall playerbase — seem fine with. He said he "lost the battle" against microtransactions in this regard. 


Asmongold said: "I've tried for years to convince them that these things are bad for the game. They refuse to listen to me. And now we get things like this and people will still come up with excuses for it." 


While the streamer seemed salty that the WoW community was willing to accept microtransactions, making the new gear set possible, Asmongold placed most of the blame on Blizzard. He called the company greedy, especially when compared to other games in the genre, like Aamazon's New World. 


Asmongold hasn't been streaming on Twitch as often as usual after his mother passed away. But the streamer has been picking up other titles like Final Fantasy XIV ONline after World of Warcraft continues to be a source of aggravation for him. 

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