Halo Infinite equipment tier list

Halo Infinite is a smashing success so far, and it hasn't even reached its official release date. One of the things that make Infinite stand out from other Halo games in the past is the powerful and unique equipment options. For those who are dipping their feet into the new game, we put together a power ranking for all the available equipment to help you make strong decisions in Infinite.


Here is the best equipment to use in Halo Infinite.


Tier S


The Grappleshot is the newest piece of equipment in Halo, and damn is this thing powerful. It allows you to grapple several times toward a surface, onto vehicles, or even onto enemies. You can use the Grappleshot to pull off all kinds of insane plays in Infinite, from setting up flying trick shots, to saving yourself from a cliff fall, to grappling onto an opponent for the assassination. This is not only powerful its hella fun, and definitely the best piece of equipment to use.


Overshield is a classic, powerful piece of equipment in Halo that is borderline Tier S in infinite. This gives you an extra over shield, on top of your usual shield, making it harder for enemies to take you out. This weapon is going to give you a straight forward advantage over your enemies, allowing you to win pretty much any one-on-one, assuming you hit your shots of course.


Tier A

Active Camo

Active Camo is a Halo staple. This piece of equipment turns you into a transparent person, who can only be spotted by the slight distortions that are left behind by your trickery. Unlike in past games, in Infinite when you move while using your Active Camo you won't be revealed unless you sprint. This makes it a very powerful tool in Infinite, especially when combined with a gravity hammer, sword, or shotgun. It is also very helpful for carrying flags in capture the flag mode.


The Thruster is a quick boost that lets you dash in any direction quickly. You can use this ability in combination with other movement abilities to take aggressive positions, to reposition in the middle of a fight, or to chase enemies down. While it may seem relatively innocuous at first, pros are already showing the vast capabilities of the thruster.

Tier B


The Repulsor is a one-time use reflective shield that can block incoming fire and projectiles. You can use this to reflect grenades, rockets, and bullets back at enemies and vehicles. The potential for crazy, highlight-reel plays is pretty high in the right situation. However, generally speaking, this isn't going to be a game-changing kind of ability compared to the usefulness of the A-Tier and S-Tier abilities, leaving this one solidly mid-tier.


Tier C

Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor allows you to highlight enemies through walls in a limited area around where you deploy it. While wall-hack abilities can be very broken in some games, this sensor isn't super useful in Halo Infinite, where the time to kill is long enough that getting the drop on someone isn't necessarily the most important part of the fight. Sure, you can use it to figure out where enemies are on occasion, but it has a very limited range and provides relatively basic intel.


Drop Shield

The Drop Shield is useful in the right circumstances. This piece of equipment will let you put down a shield in front of you that you can fire through the back, but enemies will have to destroy the front to get to you. However, the panels on the shield go down in a couple of shots, so it won't do a ton to save you, and its deploy time is long enough to screw you over in an intense firefight.

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