Liiv SANDBOX announces Dove's role swap from mid to top; "I’ll make sure to live up to their expectations until I retire.”

Image via Liiv SANDBOX

On Nov 18th, Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon, the former mid laner/new top laner for Liiv SANDBOX, shared his thoughts on the role swap.


Liiv SANDBOX announced on the 18th that Dove will be role swapping to top lane. Inven had a chance to briefly speak with a staff from the team, as well as Dove himself.


According to the team, Dove’s role swap is something that the team suggested first, because the team felt that he would play better in the top lane. Dove agreed to role swap; the fact that he was embarking on a new challenge on the team he’s been a part of for long time ultimately led him to role swap.

LSB’s general manager, Becker Jung commented, “Dove’s been with LSB for three years, since the Battlecomics days. He’s shown incredible sacrifice and diligence in that time, and we’re looking forward to continuing working with him in the future. In terms of his role swap, it was something that the management and the coaching staff all decided together after much discussion. Lots of mid laners found success by role swapping to top lane, and we all feel that Dove will be successful as a top laner. We’ll make sure to work hard to make this role swap work.


In a short interview with Inven, Dove introduced himself as “The rookie top laner that returned to Liiv SANDBOX, Kim Jae-yeon.”


Dove commented, “I always thought about what it’d be if I roleswapped to top lane; I got serious about it this time around, so I decided to role swap. They’ve put a lot of trust in me, so I’ll make sure to live up to their expectations until I retire.”

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