Visual bugs reportedly plague new VALORANT agent Chamber

Source: Riot Games

Multiple bugs are being reported for the newest VALORANT agent Chamber, who released in patch 3.10 on Tuesday. According to multiple reports, many of the bugs that were in the public test server have persisted in the live version of the game, most notably a serious visual bug that makes his pistol appear 100% accurate when it is not.

This visual glitch makes Chamber's Headhunter pistol ability appear to be 100% accurate when fired without moving, even when it isn't. Riot already acknowledged this Glitch in a post on Tuesday afternoon, promising that the spread rules do apply, and its appearance of being 100% accurate is a bug. 



Other players have reported further issues with the auto rescope feature for Chamber. According to VALORANT content creator Chloe, she experienced a bug where after her first shot, rescoped shots miss regardless of if they are on target or not. Further, when she rescoped and scoped in for too long she experienced lag.  She also mentioned a visual bug where the scope graphic could block your entire screen.


Chloe is not alone in reporting numerous bugs either. Other players have reported similar re-entering scope bugs on Tuesday, following the release of the new agent.

The bugged release of the agent is frustrating to many players, given that VALORANT devs already pushed back Chambers release, leading to many players hoping for a more polished version of the character on day one.

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