"I've made a tremendous mistake:" ZeRo speaks up about grooming allegations and his future on YouTube


Former Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Gonzalo "ZeRo" Castro is returning to make YouTube content after being accused of grooming underage fans. 


ZeRo came forward on November 16 to address the allegations once again, this time seeming to take a firm stand against many of the rumors and accusations. According to ZeRo, a lot of the information online has been full of "lies, falsehoods, and exaggerations" in an attempt to assassinate his character and ruin his public image. 


"I want to make this very clear to everybody watching," ZeRo said. "I never received explicit images from an underaged individual. I never sent explicit images to an underaged individual. I never made travel arrangements with ulterior motives with an underaged individual. I never was touched or touched any underaged individual. I never had a conversation with only the intention to groom an underaged individual or to take advantage of them." 


ZeRo speaks out against grooming, sexual misconduct allegations after being shunned by Super Smash Bros. community

ZeRo has been away from the Super Smash Bros. community for some time now. He stepped away from content creation and competing after being accused of inappropriate behavior with underage fans online. 


At the time, ZeRo appeared to go back and forth on his innocence. He'd stand up for himself at one point and then apologize for his actions the next. ZeRo explained in his November 16 video that he had behaved this way due to a lack of evidence and witnesses at the time. It seemed easier to apologize rather than fight it any longer after seeing how "vicious" people were being towards him. 


ZeRo had this to say about his decision to stay silent: "I made a tremendous mistake." 


ZeRo also addressed a confession he had shared where he accepts the accusations as facts. According to ZeRo now, that was actually a "suicide letter" written during a "tremendous mental breakdown." The former top Ultimate player admitted that he planned to take his own life after sharing the document. Mental illness and depression is something he's struggled with for some time — and he has attempted suicide in the past. 


ZeRo linked to a video created by Technicals that further explains the situation, attempting to put all of the facts together. The video attempts to prove ZeRo's innocence. He has also retained legal council and is in the middle of multiple lawsuits. It hasn't been easy, ZeRo said,  but this seems to be something the content creator feels strongly about after taking time to reflect on the situation. 


ZeRo said that he will no longer be addressing the situation publicly. He warned fans that anything they hear going forward is probably a lie. Instead, ZeRo will be focusing on creating new content. 

ZeRo returning to YouTube after grooming allegations 

Fans of the talented Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player will be excited to hear that ZeRo is returning to content creation. 


In his recent video, ZeRo announced that he would go back to making content about Super Smash Bros. on his YouTube channel. While some things "can't be repaired," ZeRo said he still has a passion for making quality content and entertaining people. 



"I'm not a danger or harm to anybody and have the right to use my platform and make content I want to make," ZeRo said. "I can do that while staying in my lane and living my life." 


ZeRo admitted that he is not "fault-free" but is hoping the Smash community will understand that he has learned from his mistakes and is a better person today. 

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