Riot Games to launch Champions Queue on US west coast similar to China's Super Server for pros

Source: Riot Games


According to an announcement by LoL Esports, Riot Games will be launching an NA super server on the west coast ahead of the 2022 LCS season. In the preview post regarding format updates to the LCS, it explains the move is a response to the criticisms leveled by pro and amateur players.


“In 2022, we’re excited to introduce an initiative that, while not a complete solution, represents a significant step forward in addressing the issue.


Called Champions Queue, this exclusive matchmaking system hosted on a west coast server will be accessible only to high-skill players who are serious about improvement. Expect to hear more about features and admission criteria in the coming months.”


For years, one of the main explanations for NA’s lackluster performances at international tournaments was the high ping professional players had to practice with. Currently, the only server in NA is in Chicago — leading NA talent to play on ping upwards of 60. In May, LCS champion Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng voiced his concerns on NA solo queue.


“Let me tell you, it’s a humongous deal that our solo queue environment is having pro players playing on 50-60 ping […] It would be like if you told an NBA player to go practice at home, but at home, his basketball was just heavier.”


With the server excluding everyone outside of the most skilled players in the region, it is a clear imitation of the “super server” found in China — a luxury LPL and LDL players have enjoyed for at least the last four years.


The announcement also mentions other measures Riot is taking to increase the competitiveness of NA on the world stage. To expand player development — an aspect of NA infrastructure seen as inferior to other major regions — LoL Esports will focus on investing in building Proving Grounds and Amateur tournaments. The priority on these tournaments means the end of Scouting Grounds in 2022.


There has been no information released on when the west coast server will be completed.

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