New World takes its entire economy offline... again

Amazon Game Studios has once again shut down their entire player economy for New World, following the discovery of yet another game-breaking expjloit that allowed players to duplicate gold. So while the US economy is hitting record inflation, so is New World's. This is not the first time the company has shut down the economy over a gold duplication, and based on the studio's short but bad track record, it probably won't be the last.


This past weekend, numerous New World players reported in the forums a new furniture duplication exploit that allows players to duplicate chests, trophies, and other items of value in the game. One user named Poverty also showed that the exploit was easily replicable, though the details have been taken down by AGS in an attempt to stop the spread of the exploit.


In response to the revelation of the new exploit, New World community manager Tosch responded saying, "we are aware of a possible duplication exploit that has been circulating the forums and social media. We are disabling all forms of wealth transfer between players, ie sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, player to player trading, while we investigate. Any player that has engaged in the use of this exploit will be actioned against."


The decision to once again pull the economy into a screeching halt is just the latest antics from the New World developers, who are quickly becoming infamous for their incompetence.


Two weeks ago players discovered an even more game-breaking bug, that allowed players to directly input code into the games chat systems and have it activate for them and other players on servers. They have also run into multiple instances of gold duplication, with some tied to that injection issue, and others completely unrelated to it.


Many players were predictably upset about the situation. One player in the forum said, "Thanks for the opportunity to beta test your game AGS, can't wait for the nexted rushed cash grab!" Another player made a joking post on Monday, suggesting that they just compensate players who don't cheat by giving them a god mode menu with a gold spawner since apparently, you can only get ahead in the game by cheating.


Alternatively, the developers could just make alchemy a new skill, and stop trying to stop the gold duplicators, since the devs don't seem capable of actually handling the numerous exploits that continually pop up in New World...

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