"There is so much defamation:" Dr. Disrespect claims EA shadow banned him following Twitch ban

Source: Dr. Disrespect/YouTube

Dr. Disrespect claimed on a stream on Friday that he has been shadowbanned by EA and blocked from any involvement with the Battlefield 2042 launch, due to his mysterious 2020 Twitch ban that remains unexplained by Twitch or anyone else. He called EA out, calling them cowards for dissociating with him due to Twitch's actions.


"All the stuff that we did with EA, the connections the relationships that we built over the years [are gone]," the streamer said. "It's official, we have been shadowbanned from EA. There is so much defamation related to the ban that we have had to deal with, it's insane."



His complaint with EA follows him being blocked from involvement in the battlefield launch, which is taking place this week. He has been closely involved in the launch of past Battlefield titles like Battlefield V in past years, before the ban took place.


"To not be involved with the Battlefield launch? First off, it's been a year and a half [since the ban]," the streamer said while shaking his head. "EA, don't be so pathetic and scared to death . . . It's embarrassing."


In addition to discussing his shadow ban with EA, Dr. Disrespect also claimed that Activision now refuses to work with him as well, despite him working on Call of Duty titles in the past as a community manager. He has also struggled to play with many of his colleagues on stream, since Twitch also bans him from appearing on anyone else's stream on their platform, an action they consider to be "ban evasion." The Doc has been able to play with TimTheTatman recently since he made the leap to YouTube, where Doc also streams.


Dr. Disrespect already confirmed his intention to sue Twitch over the ban in August, with his alleged mistreatment from companies like EA and Activision perhaps providing further evidence of the negative consequences of Twitch's permaban.

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