[UPDATED Nov. 12] Doublelift shares thoughts on reactions to his streams regarding TSM CEO Reginald

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UPDATE Nov. 12: Following Doublelift's streams regarding Reginald's treatment of TSM members past and present, some former members of TSM such as Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne have spoken positively about Reginald, often sharing anecdotes from their pasts with TSM CEO that paint a far more pleasant picture than Doublelift's accusations towards Reginald on his streams earlier this week. Doublelift took to Twitter himself to address these anecdotes. 






Source: David Lee/Riot Games


UPDATE Nov. 11: Following Doublelift's secondary stream regarding TSM and Reginald, general manager Parth "Parth" Naidu posted to the TSM subreddit to provide clarification on a few of Doublelift's statements, particularly those concerning roster conversations with Doublelift within the past calendar year and the team's season with SwordArt.



Source: David Lee/Riot Games


UPDATE Nov. 10: The day after his initial stream, Doublelift took to Twitter to ensure that his followup stream would be a 'guaranteed banger.' On stream, Doublelift mentioned more about Reginald's treatment of TSM talent, saying that the CEO had brought multiple players near or fully in tears due to verbal abuse and beratement. 



"I would just say that he made a lot of players cry," Doublelift said of Reginald. "You'd be very f*****g surprised at how many of your favorite familiar faces in LCS legit mental break down [sic] because of how badly they were getting berated; how badly they were just getting verbally assaulted.


It's the case of a bully behind closed doors who gets covered up. I'm serious. It's literally like a f*****g TV show where a guy is at a boarding school and he's picking on people, but his dad is the principal so he can do whatever the f**k he wants. Thank god...I'm so glad people are finally opening their eyes."



Original story:


Source: David Lee/Riot Games


Controversy struck TSM on the evening of Nov. 10, 2021 when the organization's streamer Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng shared his thoughts live on stream. Despite being contracted to TSM, having a long history with the org as an LCS player, and being in a relationship with TSM President Leena Xu, Doublelift had no issue expressing his desire that TSM never win a competition again because of their treatment of those who've contributed to their success. 




"I went to hot pot with SwordArt, and I think it was between Spring and Summer Split," Doublelift said. "It was around MSI, and the dude was literally saying that if me and Bjergsen were still playing, we would have 100% won... just unbelievable decisions. I don't know, every split I'm on TSM, we win, and still, to get treated like that was just disgusting. It would be a personal pleasure to never see TSM win anything again because of how shitty they've treated the people who've brought them everything. I don't need to pray for it, they're just going to make that happen themselves."


Doublelift went on to clarify that he was only comfortable sharing this story in the present because it was after TSM confirmed it was parting ways with Hu "SwordArt" Shuo-Chieh, who was signed to a 2-year, $6 million contract before the 2021 season to be the team's starting LCS support.


TSM CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh took to the TSM subreddit to share his thoughts on Doublelift's on-stream bombshell and contextualize TSM's goings-on with Doublelift from the 2020 off-season through the 2021 season. Reginald stated he suspects that Doublelift is lashing out because TSM is no longer willing to work with him in a competitive context for reasons laid out in the Reddit post, and that regardless of the validity of his suspicions, that Doublelift was out of line in his actions.


Discord messages from Xu following the statements from Doublelift and Reginald can be seen here. Following Reginald's Reddit post, which ended with a statement that the organization would be moving to part ways with Doublelift immediately, Doublelift no longer includes TSM in his Twitter bio.

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