Welcome to the world of Arcane: Inven's photographic adventures to the Arcane pop-up store [ft. Shrimp]

The highly anticipated Netflix series from Riot Games, Arcane, was released globally on Nov 7. To promote the release of the series, pop-up stores were set up for a limited time at select locations around the world to showcase artwork from the show, as well as interactive booths that will help the visitors introduce various elements to the show.


Amidst our hectic schedule in between Worlds, we at Inven Global had a chance to visit one of these pop-up stores. Located in Seongsu, Seoul, there were especially more people that day because it was the day that cosplayers showed up to cosplay for the fans. From eco bags to fake tattoos, these pop-up stores had more to offer than physical goods; the human interaction of the experience made everything finally feel as if they were getting back to normal from COVID.

Welcome to Arcane
One of the first things you can do is to turn the lever to get one of those blue capsules
Which is exactly what we did
And got a blue capsule like this, which contained:
Cool little things like this
We also got our names printed
Like this. Can't be bothered to explain the technology behind this lol
Viion got his name tattoo'd as well. Don't worry, it's not permanent
Spirit Blossom Ahri says: "Welcome to the Arcane"
Anyways, we got inside, and was immediately greeted by Vi
That cup of coffee was free if you uploaded a picture of the place with #Netflix #Arcane #아케인성수 on Instagram
Why did Jinx build collector?
Every single piece of art here was awesome!
After waiting in line for a bit, we entered 'Jinx's Playground' to draw digital graffiti
A photo of the graffiti that we drew
Then to the Hextech Lab
Where we got an eco bag printed by one of the craftsmen on site
I had Jinx printed on mine
They also came in blue
Why did Jinx build collector2?
Why did Jinx build collector3?
Why did Jinx build collector4?
Mini Riot Store set up at the venue
Thanks for coming with us @LOL_ShrimP!!
When we came back outside, Blitzcrank was waiting for us


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