Worlds 2021 Final KR Reactions: “I heard Jhin is OP… Oh, wait…”



Let’s goooooo

ㄴ I’m gonna order fried chicken and beer. Let’s make it worth it!!!

ㄴ As a LoL fan, I want a 3-2 match, but as an LCK fan, I hope it’s 3-0.


Foreign casters’ predictions.

ㄴ More people voted for EDG than I thought…

ㄴ WTF who would vote EDG 3-0? He can’t be serious.


DK is the only team ever to reach 7 straight finals - ‘20 Summer, ‘20 Worlds, ‘20 KeSPA Cup, ‘21 Spring, ‘21 MSI, ‘21 Summer, ‘21 Worlds.

ㄴ Wow… If they won MSI, it could be 7 consecutive championships…

ㄴㄴ If they win today.

ㄴㄴ There are no ‘ifs’ in esports

ㄴ They did mess with the schedule at MSI.


I’m cheering for Khan wearing his ‘22 jersey (Ed. — Republic of Korea Army)


ㄴ You are the worst ever!!!






ㄴ I heard that Gangqui is in Iceland in his place

ㄴ No wonder DK’s bot duo proximity is so low


Ummm… I think Arcane copied this…

ㄴ ROFL I thought it was only me!


Game 1


ㄴ And Zilean! T1’s legacy!

ㄴ This game is dedicated to T1


The reason Khan is playing Yasuo: Because there’s already a Jayce championship skin

ㄴ You know this is Khan’s first official Yasuo game ever?



ㄴ Dumb move tbh

ㄴ BeryL died on purpose so that he could run for Shelly at 7:40

ㄴ 300 gold jumped over the wall


Jiejie made up for his mistake there

ㄴ His J4 was always good

ㄴ T1 should have played Zilean in game 5 T_T


Hey, DK fans, are you getting nervous? LMAO

ㄴ Yeah, kind of.

ㄴ EDG’s playing much better than I thought


This guy is the culprit behind all the losses at this Worlds. He sucks

ㄴ It’s not that Canyon is bad, it’s just that Xin Zhao is dog s**t

ㄴ It seems ShowMaker’s missing too many skillshots

ㄴ Yeah… I think Zilean should be banned



ㄴ It’s Yasuo’s fault. Yasuo is science

ㄴ ShowMaker slipped from that tightrope

ㄴ So, we should re-evaluate Gen.G, right?

ㄴ If EDG wins, it’s going to be as shocking as 2018

ㄴ Jhin wins again — 8-game winning streak


This was the real final

ㄴ Gen.G almost beat them

ㄴ It’s EDG whoi’s winning. Why are Gen.G fans getting excited?


???: All winners should know how to play J4 properly

ㄴ Jiejie is starting to feel like Ambition

ㄴ It’s his 7th consecutive J4 game


???: 1 down



ㄴ MSI flashback NOOOO

Game 2

The good news is, DWG KIA is a team that knows how to change their draft.

ㄴ The bad news is that it seems Khan’s form is off

ㄴㄴ Khan’s form has been off since the semis


First Malzahar game of ShowMaker in his career


ㄴ What’s wrong with DWG KIA?


???: You’re just going to use me and get rid of me like Crown, right? I ain’t falling for that again


This is why they took Malzahar!


???: What? You think EDG is good?

ㄴ Not the next Faker, it’s ShowMaker!


???: Hey, that champ looks pretty good! I wonder why it doesn’t have a championship skin.


Just the guys with guns are OP at this Worlds

ㄴ It doesn’t matter if they have spears or swords. Guns are the best.

ㄴ Guns beat magic too


Canyon’s weak in smite fights, right?

ㄴ That’s like his only weakness

ㄴ He’s human


Even these guys won with Malzahar. It’s a great champion!

ㄴ As a Malzahar main, I’m starting to get hyped!

ㄴㄴ Maybe this time...




ㄴ T1 T_T


???: Never doubted you, DK!

ㄴ You’re the only one that is worthy of that spot!


???: This time…

ㄴ Nope, it’s gonna be LeBlanc.


DK mechanics are insane

ㄴ Game 1 was just to make the match more interesting


Jhin is on a 12-game winning streak at Worlds

ㄴ Don’t open Jhin unless you’re gonna take him

ㄴ I wonder how Xin Zhao’s record is?



ShowMaker: With Malzahar, that we only played once in scrims?

Khan: That’s talent.

Ghost: These comms will go out.

ShowMaker: Oh, right.


ㄴ Only one game needed to master the trade


???: I heard Jhin is OP… Oh, wait...

ㄴ Not you, bring that guy with wings!


Game 3

NOOOOO They gave up Jhin!!

ㄴ But EDG also picked Xin Zhao

ㄴ Xin Zhao is on a 7-game losing streak


Everyone’s been criticizing Gen.G. How the f**k did they win two games without banning Lucian Nami?

ㄴThat’s what I’m talking about


Alright, who said Ghost is good at Aphelios?

ㄴ He isn’t.

ㄴ Aphelios is Guma’s pick

ㄴ Why did they pick Aphelios when they could have taken Jhin?

ㄴㄴ Because Viper is god of Aphelios


*DK wins teamfight around the infernal dragon*


ㄴ KHAN!!!!!!!!

ㄴ Amazing

ㄴ EDG was too obsessed with Canyon


DK tactics

ㄴ From Korea's legendary general


Canyon insane wow

ㄴ Canyon with the original Insec kick!


ㄴ Canyon is finally warmed up!


???: You’re not supposed to play Jhin like that! HAHAHA

ㄴ Jhin’s winning streak comes to an end

ㄴ LCK still hasn’t lost on Jhin


Ghost might have a new record: he won without dying and without using Flash once in game 3


ㄴ Ghost keeps producing spooky stories


Khan’s Gragas was great this game too

ㄴ They say pros get better at champions they look like


ㄴ He did put on some weight, but Gragas? LOL



Ghost: I wanna play more! It’s fun!

ㄴ If I were Aphelios with Infernal soul, I’d also want to play for longer.

ㄴ Yeah, I want to spray Aphelios ult where enemies respawn


Game 4


ㄴ Huh? EDG banned Aphelios LMAO WHY?

ㄴ And they banned TF from the blue side


ㄴ Xin Zhao isn’t picked. I don’t know who’ll win.


BTW, this is BeryL’s first-ever Nami game

ㄴ LoL master should do fine


*Khan gets picked off*

Khan should just stay safe and get carried

ㄴ That was disappointing.


There is no best top laner in 2021. Every top laner was disappointing.

ㄴ Khan did fine until quarters. From semis, it’s like he’s a different person.

ㄴ The champion team top laner is the best.


*DK gets two kills in bot lane*

Ghost is proving himself again!!!

ㄴ Ghost has to do everything this game

ㄴ The bot duo that saves DK in pinches


Wolf: Kayn needs to transform to gank, but he has gank successfully to transform. It’s the same with Talon. Talon’s good when laners have priority, but if they pick Talon, the laners lose priority.

ㄴ Wise Wolf’s wise words

ㄴ All the matches from semis were WLLWW… I’m starting to get nervous.


Remember this?

ㄴ ShowMaker’s Orianna!


*EDG takes Mountain soul*

Canyon’s Smite...T_T

ㄴ I miss Clid

ㄴ It’s not that Jiejie sucks at smite fights… It’s just that Clid’s so good.

ㄴ I’m a Score fan, and I’m getting PTSD


Why did they put Khan on a carry

ㄴ Khan’s been stinking up the Rift this game

ㄴ The answer to Khan’s underperformance is Graves


Never say Khan’s the best top laner ever

ㄴ I’m getting pissed off

ㄴ It feels that Khan really gets too nervous on international stages

ㄴㄴ Yeah, he can’t overcome the pressure


???: Now, it might have been that we were actually really strong!

ㄴ Classic Gen.G


Another team we need to re-evaluate

ㄴ How the hell did they wipe out Viper?


I hate that DK didn’t get an easy win, but I’m hyped for the fifth game

ㄴ This Worlds is the best Worlds ever


I thought it’ll end within four games so I only bought four cans of beer…

ㄴ Now you need to open that bottle of soju


Game 5

I think we have the better draft

ㄴ EDG took Xin Zhao!


ㄴ Khan did well on Graves today. Hope he does well again.

ㄴ I don’t know about other teams, but when Ghost plays Ziggs, it’s a good pick.


The beginning and end of this Worlds: ShowMaker’s Syndra

ㄴ Fighting!


???: Syndraaaaaahahahahaha


Scout is doing better than I expected. What’s with him?

ㄴ Scout of finals is here

ㄴ LPL’s best mid laner


*Khan gets picked off*

Khan isn’t worthy of becoming a world champion

ㄴ Kennen got 2 kills and Graves died. We’re doomed.


*Scout survives 4-man dive*


ㄴ Scout is insane


*Khan dies again*


ㄴ I have no words.


Kennen is scaling too well

ㄴ I believe in Flandre that he’ll int at some point in the game


*EDG wins teamfight*


ㄴ That Kennen is really stacked now

ㄴ 4/0/3 Kennen


What he’s accomplished is unmatchable


ㄴ Yeah, now I see what a big accomplishment it is


*DK sneaks Baron*


ㄴ This is really bad for my heart


It was a good fight, but…

ㄴ At least Viper finally gets to win Worlds


???: Khan, why did you play like that in the finals?


As a Korean, I can’t stand it that there were 3 LCK teams and 1 LPL team in the semis and LPL wins the championship.

ㄴYeah, hating this.


Khan, you better start swimming. It’s a far way home.

ㄴ Sad for him.


Scout and Viper did it all. It’s Korea’s championship.

ㄴ Jiejie was great too.


Stop picking on Khan. He needs to serve the nation.


BTW if TSM doesn’t make Worlds, LCK doesn’t become World Champions.

ㄴ I thought we got rid of this curse.

ㄴ The curse of TSM

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