Flandre: "SofM asked for revenge on DWG KIA. We are friends, so I promised him to do so."


On Nov. 6, EDward Gaming secured a rather miraculous victory against DWG KIA in the 2021 LoL World Championship finals, winning the Summoner's Cup and reclaiming the throne for China. After beating the reigning champions, defying all expectations, and breaking esports-wide viewership records, the team stepped on the stage for an interview.


(To Meiko) You finally won the World Championship. How are your feeling?


Meiko: I've been with EDG since 2015, made a lot of upsets, and had hard times. Overcoming all the hard times and putting more effort delivered this result.


(To Meiko) You won Worlds by beating the reigning champion DWG KIA. What does this victory mean and what was the game-deciding moment?


Meiko: We've had difficult times since the Spring Split but got a lot of experience through the full best-of-5 series. We were able to win because everyone did their best, and our team is solid, with great teammates.


(To Jiejie) You said that you were very unlucky with taking and stealing objectives. You took a decisive role in the game's deciding moments. What was the driving force behind taking the role?


Jiejie: I learned a lot from numerous failures from the past.


(To Flandre) You've been a journeyman for a long time, on the path to win an international championship. What was special about EDG that brought success?


Flandre: I tried to have a new start by coming to EDG. I had to overcome hard times, especially during Worlds, and these experiences helped me find out how EDG can win like EDG.


(To Flandre) Are there any ex-teammates that you would like to shout out and dedicate this victory to?


Flandre: SofM asked for revenge on DWG KIA. We are friends, so I promised him to do so. I would like to also say thanks to my Snake Esports teammates.


(To Scout) You've spent a lot of effort to win the World Championship, but there were failures. Today's victory is probably more meaningful because of it.


Scout: There were many challenges and difficulties, but I am thrilled to make this finish. I am also happy to avenge Faker.


(To Viper) You have developed so much as a player, showing enormous growth since 2019. Which aspects do you personally think you've most improved as a player?


Viper: I thought that I should redeem my weaknesses and improve on aspects I need to improve. It worked out well, and I got to meet great teammates. Since we got unsatisfying results the previous two years, I really wanted to come to this stage. I am happy to stand here.


(To Coaches) It was a great year, winning both the LPL and World Championship. Any words to the players? 


(KenZhu): To start with, I would like to thank all the players here on the stage for putting in the effort. I would also like to thank all the coaches. We were able to make this miraculous victory because everyone put their full efforts into this long journey. I would like to thank everyone in our EDG organization. This victory does not belong only to us; it belongs to the EDG family as a whole.


(Maokai): It was a very long journey, and we had so many obstacles, but we were able to make adjustments and improvements. Also, we can recover from the difficulties, and all of us put total effort into it. I would like to say thanks to everyone in the EDG organization.

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