Apex players demand nerf to Ash's passive ability: "She will ruin the ranked split"

Apex Legends Season 11 has only been out for a few days, but casual and pro players alike are already calling for a nerf to her passive ability Marked for Death.


Marked for Death allows Ash to see death boxes on the map, and to use those death boxes to ping enemies who survived the encounter. While the second aspect of it isn't particularly powerful, the first part, her ability to see any death boxes on the map, let Ash know exactly where fights are happening. Many players are calling it overpowered, since Ash has more intelligence than literally any other legend in the game.



One of the most vocal critics of the new ability has been Apex content creator for TSM, Nokokopuffs.


He said in a Tweet this week, "Genuinely loving this new season so far. The map is fucking amazing, the loot is top tier, always leaving POI's with meds and good shields. Weapon meta is yet to be seen but LStar still broken. 1 Problem, Ash passive seeing fights all around the map is WAYYY TO MUCH INFO."

100 Thieves content creator NiceWigg agreed with Nokokopuffs, saying specifically that Ash was ruining the map balance with her passive and that if it isn't change it will ruin the ranked split entirely.

Cloud9's Apex coach PVPX also made his demands for a nerf known on Twitter, almost immediately after the launch of the new season.

For what it is worth, the devs are aware of the complaints. The day after the launch of the new season, Respawn producer Josh Medina replied to a comment mentioning some possible changes, saying "Obvi its been 8 hours so lets take it EZ on what needs to change ASAP (Looking at you ash passive) lol."

Considering the disproportionate impact that her passive is having on the balance of especially upper-level games, it is likely we will see some kind of nerf to her death box finding abilities. When Seer has similarly broken intelligence abilities, they nerfed the range of his heart-beat sensor. Perhaps we will see a similar move with Ash's passive in the near future.


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