KT Rolster Deft: “It feels great as we seem to have overcome our past weakness.”

On April 11th, KT Rolster was able to overcome their past defeats and head for the playoffs when they won against MVP with perfect victories in all 3 sets.

At first, it seemed that MVP might have a lead in both 1st and 2nd sets, although KT managed to turn around the game with aggressive teamfights and impressive game plays. It was the same for the 3rd set when MVP won the early teamfights, but KT Rolster managed to turn the table when they got that sweet Baron. They swiftly took the inhibitors one by one, leaving no chance for MVP to stop them.

Here’s an interview we had with Hyukkyu ‘Deft’ Kim from KT Rolster, who played a big part in the 3rd set with his arrows that never failed to miss his marks.


Q. How do you feel about your perfect 3:0 victory?

We haven’t been doing great against MVP more than usual in the regular season. We did both great and bad in the early games, although we got on winning in the end. It feels great as we seem to have overcome our past weakness.

Q. What was the weaknesses that you overcame?

I overcame it by taking the lead in saying what I want to do as much as possible.

Q. Was there a moment you thought you’d lose in the 3rd set?

I thought the game would go smooth since we got the champions we wanted during the drafts. Things went more awry than we expected, but we didn’t think we’d lose because our bot duos were doing great.

Q. Camille was available, but your team chose it as 2nd.

Camille is a powerful champion in mid-late games, but in my opinion, she has too many counter champions. That’s why I chose Ashe first, as I feel confident in playing her.

Q. It’s been a long time since you’ve played against Blitzcrank in a tournament.

At first, I was thrown off. Blitzcrank was an extreme pick in the first place. It becomes helpless when it gets into teamfights. When our opponents came to gank in the early part of the game, we managed to fight it off, though they were soon joined by their teammate with Teleport, to which we gave a kill. In spite of that, the game itself wasn’t completely in opponent’s favor, so we were able to win.

Q. You are to face Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy has been been doing great lately. We did work hard for the match against MVP, but we also want work even harder for the playoff against Samsung and pay back.

Q. There was two pauses in the 3rd set. What was the reason for it?

Kyungho ‘Smeb’ Song said that this pop-up dialog kept coming up and was blocking the screen. That’s we got our first pause, and then was told that it was fixed. Later, that problem happened again, so there was the 2nd pause. After the pause started, no one could say anything to each other in the booth.

Q. Any last words?

Today, our Chinese fans gave us lunch boxes. We enjoyed them, and we think we won because of that. We’d like to send our thanks to them.

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