Apex Legends fans are determined to name Ash's rat

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Apex Legends players are excited about the soon-to-be-released legend, Ash. Formerly known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid, Ash can detect deathboxes and surviving attackers as well as throw spinning snares and open portals thanks to her new robotic capabilities. 


Ash was tasked with stealing an experimental fuel source from researchers but she died when the lab self-destructed. Her brain was put in a simulacrum shell and, while she lost years of memories, she was able to come back to life more powerful than ever before. She has joined the Games to "prove she has transcended all humanity." 


While that's an interesting backstory and all, what about that rat? The one on her blade? That has been one of the biggest discussions about Ash thus far, with fans clamoring to come up with a clever name for the unnamed rodent after Moy Parra admitted the rat has no name. 



They explained: "We wanted to stay true to the character of Ash who wouldn't show much affection to anyone or care about naming her rat. Therefore as we animated this little critter we decided to not name it internally so as to not accidentally start caring for it ourselves and have this bleed through our work as we came up with ideas for Ash." 


This didn't stop Apex Legends fans from coming up with names of their own however. 


Apex Legends fans come up with names for Ash's rat 


An entire Reddit thread has been dedicated to naming Ash's rat — and the names are quite creative. 


Source: STRADD838




This name was one of the most popular on the forum. Ash is also the name of the original hero of the Pokemon series, Ash Ketchum. And he had a (super stubborn) Pikachu as his starter. And Pikachu is a rat Pokemon. It all just makes sense. The name can even be shortened to Pika to sound cuter and not get sued by The Pokemon Company! Perfect. 




According to one Redditor named CepbluBear, there is a Russian folklore character called "Old Lady Shapoklyak and Her Rat, Lariska." CepbluBear said they would only call Ash "Ashpoklyak" from now on, dubbing her rat "Lariska," pronounced "la-ree-ska." 


This was a very well-thought-out name that was immediately approved by most of the Apex Legends community taking part in the all-important rat naming discussion. Many declared it the "winner," so maybe Respawn Entertainment will take note. 




Some Apex Legends fans decided to use Ash's original lore to come up with a name, bringing up her storyline in Titanfall. In that game, which partially shares a universe with Apex Legends, Ash has a Ronin class Titan. A lot of people liked this specific name as well thanks to its close connection to Ash's lore. 


For other players, this brought up another possible name: Remy.


"I read that and somehow went on a whole train of thought that ended with, 'Y'know, Remy from Ratatouille was basically a Titan pilot," one Reddit user admitted. 




This simple name was based on the phrase "ashes to ashes, dust to dust." This was also an achievement in Titanfall. When players reached Ash's level, "Ashes to Ashes," the achievement for killing her was "Dust to Dust." So why not call the rat Dusty? Makes sense, right? Plus it sounds cute. 




"Ashes to ashes, bastard to bastard." Rat bastard is actually a phrase meaning a "despised" person, and it's used as an insult. 




One Apex Legends fan suggested "Lag" as the name. But another fan took it a step further and said that the name should be L.A.G., standing for Lethal Animal Guardian. The name was seen as clever and catchy, making it a great choice, especially for regions where the game lags quite terribly. 


Other names that got a few nods from the Apex Legends community include Rash, Nobody, Rat, and Dick McFuckers (something "cute and wholesome" to represent the last of Ash's humanity). 


Respawn Entertainment has yet to respond to this vital feedback. 

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