Hilarious Hearthstone Battlegrounds bug allows Toki to clown around

▲ Quit clowning around, Toki. Images via Blizzard Entertainment


Days before Halloween was set to take place around the world, the Hearthstone development team played a little trick on Battlegrounds players that turned into a treat to experience.


If only it was intentional...


Earlier in the week, a brand new cosmetic bundle was introduced to the Hearthstone shop which allowed players to dress up their favorite Battlegrounds champions in Halloween attire. For the mere price of $19.99 USD, N'Zoth became a cowboy, Ragnoros the Firelord turned into Ragnoros the Firefighter, and Forest Warden Omu dawned boxing attire. Fun all around.



However, there was one costume in particular that became the talk of the community, Toki the Clown.


Not only did Toki the Infinite pick up a new wardrobe in the bundle but also the ability to... attack in Battlegrounds.


Yes, you read that right: In a game mode where heroes do not gain attack damage or have the privilege of striking enemies/minions, Toki the Clown was able to do both. Despite only being harmful to the player who was willing to hit purchasable minions in the shop, it led to some good laughs.


Shortly after the Hallow's End bundle went live and players began messing around with the game mode, some took to social media and forums to share an experience unlike they're ever had in the auto battler before.



Shortly after the bug was made public, the Hearthstone development team issued a post on their forum stating that Toki the Infinite/Clown was being disabled from the game mode until they could hotfix the bug.


Well, it was fun while it lasted!

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