The final TFT comp tier list for Set 5.5 (Patch 11.21): How to climb the ladder fast before Set 6


The last patch of Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5, Dawn of the Heroes, has arrived. Although many players have already hit their peak rank for the set and are moving on to playing Set 6 on PBE, many others are still taking this last week to try and climb to their goal rank. Over the course of this set, we have given and broken down the best comps to play and climb. However, if you are still staring up at your desired rank, today we will provide some final tips to help.


Best TFT comps for Patch 11.21


Today, we focus not on the best comps in Patch 11.21, but the ones that are good enough to help consistently climb. With limited time left to play, it’s time to be realistic with your climbing. More than one tier is not realistic, and you should not be aiming to get top-two to get those massive LP gains. Instead, you should be focused on consistently getting top four so that, with enough games, you’ll be able to hit that next tier.


This is not ideal for players looking to go from Gold IV to Plat, but for climbing a couple of tiers in one week, these comps can absolutely be one-tricked. These comps work because 1) their early game is strong enough to not lose a ton of HP early; 2) they can be pivoted into a slow-roll comp; and 3) they have a decent end-game (though likely not strong enough to beat out most boards in the top four). The goal with these boards is to hit top 4 with enough HP that you can perhaps outlast one or two others, but make sure you’re getting LP every game (or at least not finishing lower than sixth).


Here are three comps that you can one-trick in Patch 11.21 for your final ranked push:


For the early game, the pairing of Gragas and Kha’Zix does wonders, especially if you get a BF Sword for Kha'Zix. If not, you can also easily get a four Brawlers comp (Gragas, Sejuani, Sett, Nunu) that can keep you afloat. Soraka should also be added early, especially if you have AP items that she can hold for Karma later on.


In the mid game, if you’re not able to roll Kha’Zix (if it looks like you can, just transition to an Assassin comp), transition any AD/AS/crit items to Riven/Nidalee. Riven is the number one choice, but if you can roll Nidalees go ahead and transition to that.


In the late game, your entire goal is to get those AP items onto Karma and tank items onto Garen. If for some reason you manage to roll a 3-star Soraka, Riven, or Nidalee, you can pivot around them, but make sure you’re getting six Dawnbringers.


Much in the same way as Dawnbringers, with Redeemed the early pairing of Aatrox and Leona takes the same position as Kha/Gragas. Syndra fulfills the Soraka role of holding those early AP items for Vel’Koz later. 


The difference is that, in the mid game, there really aren’t any mid-tier carries that you can hope to roll ala Nidalee or Riven. Lux and Syndra are definitely strong units that you want, but it’s not at all worth trying to roll them to 3-stars. In fact, it’s actually worth sacrificing getting 3-star Syndra/Lux if you have to move their items onto a late game carry.


Now, once you have reached late game, you’ll move those items onto Vel’Koz and Kayle. Get your six Redeemed for the extra tanky frontline and make sure you round out your comp with some more strong front-line or utility units. Another option is that, if you don’t have great Kayle items but you do have AD/AS items is to just throw Teemo out there with Lulu and six Redeemed as the frontline.


The final reliable comp functions in a similar way to Dawnbringer and Redeemed, but is actually a bit less flexible in terms of late-game options. For the early game, grab Vaynes and attack speed items wherever you can. Throw in Hecarim and Thresh, stacking the defensive items on Hecarim. While you will be hoping to slow roll Vaynes and Hecarims, it's not completely necessary.


If you get any AP items, feel free to slap them onto Miss Fortune and see if you are able to slow roll her. This is not entirely necessary, as with Forgotten you don’t really have a great late-game AP carry and therefore should be looking to avoid picking up AP and Tear items.


In that late-game, though, it's time to make a decision. If you’ve managed to slow roll to (or close to) 3-star Vayne. Keep rolling for her. If not, though, move those items onto Draven and try to keep him up. With defensive items, it's the same sort of decision with regards to Hecarim and Viego. 


* * *


Using one of these three comps won’t guarantee a quick climb, but they are fairly straightforward comps that most experienced players will know how to build. They’re all at minimum B tier, so they should be consistent for that last late-set push.

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