DK Khan: "Generally, Western players are a lot weaker in lane...I was sure that we were going to make it out of quarters."

Source: LCK Broadcast

On Oct 25, DWG KIA managed to take a quick 3-0 over MAD Lions in the 3rd quarterfinals match of the day. With the outcome of this match, all LEC teams have been knocked out of the tournament, while DWG KIA will move onto the semifinals to face T1.


The top laner for DWG KIA, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, joined the LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.

Congratulations on your victory over MAD Lions today and making it to the semifinals. How do you feel?


I didn’t feel too threatened while preparing for our quarterfinals match. Generally, Western players are a lot weaker in lane, so I didn’t feel too pressured about it. I was sure that we were going to make it out of quarters, so we focused our practice around our semi finals opponent.


Tell me a little bit more about the team’s practice.


Because there was that long break after groups, everything felt different, whether it’s scrims or solo queue; the goal with solo queue was to keep my in-game form intact.


In game 2, DK was down 7K gold at one point. Weren’t you nervous?


Ah… I was really nervous during the game. [Laughter] When I went 0-3, I felt like we were in deep waters. However, whatever happened has happened already, and my team was playing the best cards they had in the scenario that we were given, so I had faith.


What was the turning point behind the comeback?


I just kept dying, so I don’t know [laughter]. I think the boys will have a better answer to that question.


Were you frustrated about them camping the top lane?


I told them that things were going to be rough in the top lane before the game started. To be fair, if I knew that, I should’ve been more careful, but I got careless at some points of the game. Our draft was balanced and had clear power spike timings. However, I think that the execution from my end was way off.


In game 3, what can you tell us about the team’s decision to play Syndra w/ Predator in the mid lane?


Laning phase becomes even harder with Predator, but as I said earlier, Western players aren’t really strong in lane, and because ShowMaker was sure that he’ll do well in lane, I think the strengths of that rune have outshined its weaknesses and showed its value in teamfights.


DWG KIA meets T1 in the semifinals. Predictions for how the series will go?


In an earlier interview, I stated that T1, EDG, and RNG looked very strong, so we’ll need to prepare thoroughly for the series.


You’re one step closer to becoming a world champion. Anything you’d like to say to your fans?


I can’t promise that I'll do well or bad, but I can proudly say that I will work very hard. So uh… I’ll work hard.


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