EDG Scout: "I’d like to make it to the finals... And I want to meet Faker in the finals so I could fight him again."

Source: LCK Korea


EDward Gaming took down Royal Never Give Up in the quarterfinals of the 2021 LoL World Championship and made it to the semifinals for the first time in organization history. The match went five games as the two teams struggled against each other. Royal Never Give Up played Annie mid twice — a pick that surprised fans around the world. In the last game, EDward Gaming banned out the Annie pick and finally triumphed. After the match, Lee “Scout” Ye-chan joined Jeesun Park for a brief interview.



Congratulations on making it to the semifinals. It’s the first Worlds semifinals for EDG. How do you feel?


Obviously, I feel really good right now since it’s our first time reaching the semifinals. Although the process wasn’t perfect, I’m still happy since we won.


How did you react when Royal Never Give Up was decided as your matchup for the quarterfinals?


Frankly, I thought it would be similar for us whatever team we meet. After it was decided to be RNG, I thought it would be easier to face them since we have a better understanding of the LPL teams.


The game went to five full games. Did you think it’ll go that way?


It was a close 3-2. I didn’t think it would be this difficult, but during the games, both teams made a lot of mistakes.


In games 2 and 4, RNG played Annie mid. Did it appear during practice? Did you predict they would pick her?


During the group stage, we scrimmed RNG, and Cryin picked Annie a few times, so it was on my mind. We thought it would be okay since we won the first time, but the second time, it was rather difficult, so we banned her out in game 5.


EDG’s performance came back in the last game. How was the feedback after game 4? What was your mindset going on stage?


After we lost game 4, we thought if we banned Annie, there would be no variables and the game would go as we planned, so it was much more convenient for us in game 5.


You’ll be facing the winner of Gen.G vs. Cloud9. How do you think it’ll go?


I don’t think I can give any predictions. Anything can happen. We’ll need to prepare well for both teams.


You’re LPL’s last hope. How are your resolutions for the semifinals?


I’d like to make it to the finals so that we could keep going towards our goal, winning the championship. And I want to meet Faker in the finals so I could fight him again.


Source: LCK Korea

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