Pokimane has harsh words for Valkyrae's RFLCT blue light skincare line as controversy continues


Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter recently responded to the ongoing criticism over her RFLCT skin line but big-name streamers are still not done mocking her new blue light-related skin products. 


Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular female streamers in the world. The Twitch star is also a former housemate of Valkyrae's, making it a bit difficult for her to speak on the ongoing controversy. But Pokimane decided to be "pretty honest" with her fans despite her connection to Valkyrae. 


"I completely agree that there are valid research concerns, especially when you call out something to be harmful when it's not universally considered as such," Pokimane explained. "I'm glad she acknowledged those concerns were valid, and I guess all I can really say is that I hope she creates a solution to resolve it." 



Pokimane did say she would reserve further judgement until Valkyrae discusses the skinline further. But she did add that people should just "use sunscreen" and "do a lot of research," which seemed to further target the validity of the blue light skincare products. 


Fans were already skeptical of RFLCT when it was first announced, accusing Valkyrae of "scamming" her fans by creating a made up issue and then offering the solution. Other streamers, including xQc and HasanAbi, mocked the products for addressing a concern they felt wasn't real or important. 


Valkyrae responded to the criticism and concern by saying the "hate, doubt, concerns, and criticism are all warranted and valid." But that she was also "upset and confused" about the website, which didn't like to alleged "studies" done by labs regarding blue light pollution. The website is apparently being updated to reflect these studies, including labs that helped create the RFLCT product line.


Until then, Valkyrae didn't want to say anything more about the product. But she did delete any mention of RFLCT from her Twitter bio. 

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