The best Dragon Ball FighterZ characters for the 'noob'

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We’ve all heard the term ‘Noob’ at one point or the other, mostly in a negative sense, but in reality, it is simply pointing to inexperienced people in any particular field. The negative connotation the term ‘Noob’ receives is mostly due to the nature of the FGC, where inexperience is frowned upon a little too much.


That said, there are tons of character guides that seek to teach about suitable characters for people to use or in-depth pieces about one character, which users can find very useful.


The world of Dragon Ball FighterZ is an interesting one with a variety of characters and a playstyle that seems to thrive on chaos. However, behind all this, it takes extreme skill to master the fundamentals of this popular fighting game. For new players, DBFZ is a very accessible title that tries to hold the player by the hand until they are confident enough to take on challenges on their own. Even with that, a decent knowledge of fighting game mechanics is necessary to have fun with DBFZ.


In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best DBFZ characters for beginners and explaining their strengths and weaknesses so that the next time you take a look at the Dragon Ball FighterZ character list, you won’t be confused about which to go for to suit your strengths as a player.




There are so many iterations of Goku in this game that it could make your head spin. Base Goku is the character many are familiar with from the Dragon Ball anime. In this game, Goku is an easy character to pick up, and while he requires a lot more skill to utilize fully, he has enough to his game to make him an excellent gateway character for someone new to the game.


Goku’s main superpower is— and yes, I know it’s ridiculous— the power of Friendship. If you are familiar with anime, the power of Friendship or Nakama power is a trope you must be quite familiar with. In DBFZ, Goku grows stronger when his allies are down, making him a character with insanely high damage potential. Also, he has a back throw that makes it easy for him to keep the opponent guessing as to what your next move is.


In addition to all this, his varied projectiles mean that he is able to control space pretty well, which means he can keep the opposition at bay if and when necessary. That said, he is not without his hangups, and one of them is just how difficult it is to get the best out of him. To fully function, he often needs the team built around him, which can be pretty restrictive.


Recommended for: Players who don’t have a settled style of play yet and will love to be able to do a bit of everything

Goku Black


Goku Black is not actually Goku, but rather a character called Zamasu, and as the name implies, you can probably gather that he is a villain in the story. In the game, Goku Black is a beginner’s dream, and he is equipped with all the tools which make a lovable and easy character for newcomers to the game.


Due to his great movement, Goku Black is a great option with which to learn most of the essentials regarding the neutral game. He also has a series of combos that aren’t hard to pull off but also look flashy, so they don’t seem entirely cheap. In addition to all this, his ability to force the opponent to the corner means he is able to keep up pressure rather easily.


Unfortunately, that’s sort of where the positives end, and his ease of use is also one of his drawbacks in that he is quite easy to predict as he doesn’t have much else up his sleeve. So, if you are facing a seasoned pro, you’ll probably get eaten alive (on the bright side, you’d get eaten regardless of who you use, so don’t sweat it too much)


Recommended for: Extreme newbies, including people who are picking up a controller for the first time.



There was definitely a concerted effort to make the game’s protagonists as easy to use as possible, and Vegeta is another example of this. Of all the Dragon Ball Fighterz Characters on this list, he is probably the most advanced in terms of ease, but this is simply because he is an awesome character. He has a series of projectiles that can cause significant problems for the opponent, and his ability to suffocate other players close range is elite.


On top of that, he is an excellent top man to have on your team as he is able to utilize his teammates’ assist with ease and use it to make life difficult for the opponent. Yet, he has a few issues, most notably his mid-range game, which is not the best. But if you have gotten the hang of Vegeta, he can single-handedly take on whole teams and leave them in the dust.


Recommended for: Players with a little experience who have a basic understanding of the neutral game and want to cause devastating damage.



Trunks is the son of Vegeta from an alternative future in which the earth is a desolate wasteland ruled by Androids. Over the years, Trunks has become something of a fan-favorite among fans. In the world of DBFZ, he is a great option for players new to the game because of how well he does everything.


Trunks is something of a Jack-of-all-trades character who has some great movement, offense, defense, specials, and so on. Trunks is able to keep things unpredictable with several of his moves, and his movement speed makes him oppressive in his pressure building while also retaining a level of discipline.


On the flip side, Trunks doesn’t really excel at anything and thrives when he has company, meaning that he isn’t as great an option on his own. His mobility which is a great strength, could also be a weakness as a fair few of his advancing moves can be countered with a super dash.


Recommended for: Players who are still finding themselves in the game.

Adult Gohan


Adult Gohan is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Universe, which is reflected in this game. Gohan is an amazing choice for people new to the game, as he doesn’t need a lot to get going.


He also has a fantastic mechanic in his ‘Potential Unleashed Install,’ which means that the longer the fight goes on, the more powerful Gohan gets. This means that by the late stages, especially with meter, he is almost impossible to deal with. Furthermore, he has such great damage potential, and accessing it isn’t impossible or even all that difficult. This and much more make him an astute choice for people just learning the game.


Unfortunately, he too has a few things missing chief among them is his lack of traditional Ki blasts. Since this game uses Ki blasts a lot in the neutral game, it means that Gohan misses out on such an intrinsic part of the game’s meta. Also, his reliance on his potential unleashed mechanic implies that in the early stages of the fight, he isn’t all that impressive.


Recommended for: Offensive players who want to take the fight to the opponent as often as possible.


Super Saiyan Blue Goku


We started this list with a Goku, so it seems fair to end it with a Goku. SSB Goku is a very straightforward character to pick up, and he has a range of normals and specials that grant him great advantage. He is a classic shotokan character, and his commitment to that playstyle is something that new players who were probably shotos in other fighting games will appreciate him a lot.


SSB Goku has great damage and can convert most of his hits into impressive damage. Meanwhile, as an assist character, he is also to-notch and can bring other teammates into the fray with relative ease. Also, he can effectively zone out characters when necessary, thanks to his many projectiles, which also deal a decent amount of damage.


So, what’s wrong with SSB Goku? Well, SSB Goku doesn’t really have any specialty, which means that players with good match-up knowledge will have no problem countering him and leaving him without a lot of his best options. Also, his uninspiring approach to mix-ups makes him a fairly drab character who can be outclassed by good opponents.


Recommended for: Players seeking a traditional fighter who is easy to learn and straightforward to master.


So, now you know all the best characters to pick up in DBFZ. Check out which character works best for you, and go have some fun!

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