Head Coaches at KT and MVP comment on their upcoming battle


The 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs kicked off last week and Round 1 with KT Rolster vs MVP is scheduled to be on April 11th (KST).

It’s easy to simply assume that KT is in the lead. However, MVP has moved on to the playoffs after defeating Afreeca Freecs with a clean sweep, and actually has a record of winning against KT 2-0 in the Spring Split.

“We are preparing for the match just as well as we do always,” MVP’s Head Coach Jaehwan Kwon said. “I know KT is ahead of us in terms of total victories, but we do not worry about that too much. We had three days to prepare for the match since the wildcard match, which is not long enough, but we could still fully prepare for our next match. Our pros are in great condition and are ready for it.”

Head Coach Kwon also commented on the surprise strategy with Jarvan IV in the wildcard match. “A surprise pick can always happen if the circumstances allow,” Kwon added. “We always have different cards up our sleeves. A lot of people didn’t expect us to win against AFs, but we won. It’s the revolution of an underdog. We always try to think that, even if we lose this match, we’ve got nothing to lose, and that mindset works well for us. I hope everyone will enjoy watching the LCK Playoffs.”



Jihoon Lee, Head Coach at KT Rolster, also commented on their next match against MVP. “MVP is a challenge that we must overcome,” Lee added. “Our biggest weakness is that we are relatively weak in late game teamfights. Unfortunately for us, that’s the biggest strength of MVP. We are pretty good at snowballing in early game, but we can’t keep that going. On the other hand, MVP is good at turning the game around. We are aware of our own weaknesses, and practice a lot to overcome our weaknesses.”

“MVP always surprises the opponent with an unexpected pick,” Lee continued, “but we’ve gotten kind of used to that at this point.” [laughs] “We’ve analyzed their patterns, and we’ll make sure it will be different this time.”

Lastly, Lee expressed a strong will to win against MVP saying “ MVP is the ultimate dark horse of this season. We may have lost to MVP before, but there were many things we could learn from them. They know what teamplay is. Although we are in the lead in terms of ranks, MVP is still a challenge we must overcome. I believe we can aim for a higher place if we can win against MVP, and that’s the reason we can’t lose this one. We’ve been preparing for this match a lot, so I hope you enjoy watching us.”

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