[Guide] A secret way to farm Legendary Coins in Hearthstone Mercenaries


Our previous guide on farming and leveling mercenaries has explained the fastest ways to level up and farm coins. One problem seemed unavoidable — legendary coins are harder to acquire from both packs and Bounty Hunts. 


For example, the only Bounty Hunt that drops Lich King coins is Majordomo Exectus at Blackrock Mountain, the last and the most challenging run. However, Mercenaries players discovered a new secret way to quickly farm the specific legendary coins you desire.



Going back to the previous guide, we've explained getting a new task by encountering Mysterious Stranger. Usually, Mysterious Stranger will give you a task. However, there is one exception to this rule. If your Campfire is already full, Mysterious Stranger can't give you a new task. For compensation, you will get Consolation Coins. So what are Consolation Coins?



To get Consolation Coins, take four tasks and DO NOT claim the reward. If they are completed, leave them as completed to take the spots in the Campfire. 



Create a new party and fill four slots with the four mercenaries that visited your Campfire. Fill the remaining two slots with the mercenaries you desire, preferably legendary ones. For example, this guide has Ragnaros, Diablo, Tirion, and Alexstraza as the fillers and The Lich King and Sylvanas for the coins.



Once you get your party ready, go on a Bounty Hunt with the new party and encounter a Mysterious Stranger. Mysterious Stranger can't give you a new task for the mercenaries that are already at the Campfire. Therefore, the four filler mercenaries will never be an option, and Mysterious Stranger is guaranteed to give you two mercenaries you selected and a random mercenary as the visitor options.



Once you choose the mercenary you desire, Mysterious Stranger will try to give you a task, but you can't receive one because the Campfire is full. Therefore, you will get Consolation Coins for the chosen mercenary. This way, you are always guaranteed to get the specific mercenary coin you want!


To make this method more efficient, read the section 2-1 on our previous guide. This way, you will farm any coins quickly!



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