Hearthstone Mercenaries leaves players asking a lot of questions, here are some answers

▲ Huh, even Dawngrasp learned a thing or two. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


In the three days since the Hearthstone development team released their most ambitious project yet, Mercenaries, players have flooded social media and forums with questions, feedback, and discourse.


From sharing team compositions they're having success with, to reporting bugs they've run into, to asking questions they hope others might be able to answer, there's no shortage of conversation surrounding the game mode.


A reoccurring theme to many of the questions appearing on social media are answers from other players that do not appear in the game itself.


With Hearthstone's traditional collectible card game, there are loading screens with basic information that players might have thought about from time to time even after completing the tutorial.


However, after the Mercenaries tutorial is finished, there are a bunch of questions that are not answered in the client itself, such as: Which Mercenaries are Alliance and which are Horde? The answer to such a question requires existing knowledge of the World of Warcraft universe, you figuring it out for yourself, or using a third-party site/program to assist you.


In theory, there's nothing wrong with that. But the sheer volume of information not made apparent in the client itself is causing players to express their frustration on social platforms.


Here are some tips and tricks that players discovered on their own or members of the development team had to share on social media that were not apparent in the game itself:

- At the start of an encounter, once you select a Mercenary to enter combat they cannot be placed back into your hand.

- As far as who falls into the Alliance and Horde categories: it was covered here.

- Just because a Mercenary can act, it doesn't mean they have to. A player can press "Ready" without queuing up a character's move.

- When a unit is Taunted, only Attacks are redirected to them. Abilities and spells can bypass the Taunt and target someone else.

- When a Mercenary is completely maxed out (level, abilities, equipment rank), they receive an additional stat boost.

- You don't need a full lineup of six Mercenaries to start a bounty. You just need one.

- Friendly ability speed ties are broken by which ally selected their ability first.

- While it hasn't been confirmed what the drop rates are for Mercenary packs, players have been hard at work cracking the code:

Considering how new the game mode is, it's possible the development team will add more information to improve clarity in upcoming patches. But as of now, players are left turning to one another for answers to their scores of questions.

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