Horde or Alliance? The Hearthstone Mercenaries team assumes players know

▲ A simple question has left some Hearthstone Mercenaries players confused. Image via Blizzard


A tale as old as time: Horde vs. Alliance in a battle of dominance over Azeroth has trickled into Hearthstone's most recent roguelike game mode, Mercenaries.


In the game mode, players can select from dozens of Mercenaries to do combat against AI or real-life opponents as they attempt to level up their squad and earn rewards as they progress. Along the way, players are given options to buff specific allies on the battlefield using unique synergies. An example being: Give all Alliance allies +5 Attack and +10 Health. 


There's one problem though: What if you never played World of Warcraft?


Despite being originally titled "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft," there was no prerequisite knowledge required to play the game and understand what was going on. As the game has evolved (and, seemingly, dropped the "Heroes of Warcraft" part of their name), members of the Hearthstone development team must have assumed those who have played the collectible card game for years must know the difference, right?


It turns out, not everyone knows.


Shortly after Mercenaries went live, multiple threads on the official Hearthstone subReddit and Twitter began popping up asking the question: Who is who?



As this information was not made readily available in the client itself, players began working to help one another before some began to catch on. The question was asked so many times on Twitter that Chadd Nervig, a designer on the team, set the record straight:



In a prerelease event that took place last week, the same question was posed to Game Director Ben Lee who said that this information would be visible in the game itself once Mercenaries went live. While it didn't make it into the launch version of the game, the Hearthstone team is currently looking into it.

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