DWG KIA is the first team to qualify for the knockout stage of Worlds 2021

Source: Riot Games


DWG KIA is the first team to qualify for the knockout stage of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. The #1 seed from League of Legends Champions Korea secured its fourth win in Group A, and by extension, mathematically confirmed its appearance in the next round of the tournament.




DWG KIA's first round-robin in Group A of Worlds 2021 was slightly less than stellar, but while #2 League of Legends Professional League seed FunPlus Phoenix, #3 League of Legends European Championship seed Rogue, and #3 League Championship Series seed Cloud9 all managed to gain advantages against the League of Legends Champions Korea defending champion, DAMWON ultimately closed the door in each bout and got through its first round-robin undefeated.


DWG then began its second round-robin with a second, potentially even more convincing win over FPX despite the valiant of efforts to mid laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang to carry the LPL side on Irelia. At 4-0, DWG KIA is guaranteed a spot in the knockout stage of Worlds 2021, but its seeding has yet to be determined.


It is likely that at 4-0 with two matches left to play, DWG KIA would be the 1st seed out of Group A. Even if DWG was to lose its last two matches to Cloud9 and Rogue, its worst-case scenario is FPX beating both of the aforementioned Western teams and forcing a Tiebreaker match due to both Eastern squads possessing 4-2 records.


However, if the previous matches are any indication, DWG KIA will have zero issue securing at least one win - in fact, one could argue that at this point, 5-1 is less likely for the LCK champion than a perfect 6-0 in Group A of Worlds 2021. 


FPX currently sits at 2-2 in 2nd place in Group A, with RGE at 1-2 in 3rd place and C9 in dead last without a win. 

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