GEN Burdol: "I want to beat everyone in group D myself first, then think about who’s next. I want to become the hero of the team."

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

Gen.G’s rookie top laner, Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon shared his thoughts on debuting on the Worlds stage.


On day 3 of the 2021 LoL World Championship, Burdol was subbed in against #2 LCS seed, Team Liquid. Burdol was able to greatly contribute to his victory, adding more aggression to Gen.G’s macro. After the match, Inven was able to briefly speak with the rookie top laner in a post-match interview.


Burdol shared both his excitement for his first Worlds experience and what he was disappointed about his gameplay. “Our head coach gave me this opportunity to play on the Worlds stage. I did get nervous; my plan was to carry the game and do a little ceremonial pose for the camera, but it sucks that I couldn’t do it. My goal was to get at least five solo kills, and although I did get ahead with a gank, my wave sucked after that, so I wish that part was better.”


When asked what he was satisfied about the game, he replied: “It has to be the 1 vs 1 I won against Jax in the late game, where I dodged his abilities well.”


Prior to this match against TL, Gen.G was coming off a loss against MAD Lions. Their plan was to face the S-tier tournaments like Yuumi, Leblanc, and Lucian with their comfort picks such as Azir and Kalista, but it was not enough to overcome MAD’s team composition.


When asked about the feedback after their match against MAD, Burdol replied, “Every team prioritizes different champions: The feedback was mostly about us finding the right angles for winning teamfights.”


He also commented, “There’s always going to be counterpicks to champions, especially those that rise in tier; it’s just part of the game design. That’s why the champions that I play against for the first time are considered A-tier in my books.”


Lastly, he shared, “I want to beat everyone in group D myself first, and then think about who’s next. I want to become the hero of the team, and I’ll make sure to not disappoint the fans and carry games. Thanks for all the support.”

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