How to unlock the M1 Garand & STG 44 in Warzone

24 new Battlepass tiers were added to Warzone Season 6 this week, including four new blueprints for the M1 Garand and STG 44, both weapons that will be featured in Activision's upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard title. While you can't adjust the attachments on the new weapons, you are able to level up the guns ahead of launch.


You can unlock the four weapon blueprints for free by simply completing the battlepass tiers high enough to acquire each weapon.


Playing with the weapons in Warzone and COD: Cold War will allow you to fully unlock the attachments for both weapons for Vanguard launch day, though you will not be able to get a headstart on your camo challenges.


Vanguard was released on November 5th, 2021. Like when they released Cold War, Vanguard will usher in a brand new set of weapons for players to use in Warzone. Many players are anticipating the new crop of weapons to be very powerful since Activision wants to incentivize people to buy the new title to unlock access to those weapons. 


We will have to wait and see how the Warzone meta shakes out come November.

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