"All I wear is oversized hoodies:" FaZe Kalei roasts Twitch over ban

FaZe Kalei roasted Twitch on Twitter on Wednesday after they banned her for sexually suggestive conduct, seemingly out of no where. Kalei initially thought that her ban was related to a false copyright strike, based on a now deleted tweet, so it didn't even initially cross her mind that it would be related to suggestive conduct.


"Are you guys smoking crack????" Kalei said on Twitter. "All I wear is oversized hoodies and shirts. The only time I don't is because I got a tattoo on my collarbone and that's somehow sexual???? Are you guys high????"



While many of Kalei's YouTube videos feature sexual inuendo in the titles and she makes crude jokes on occasion, neither of these things have drawn Twitch bans for other creators and sexual joking is not listed as a violation in the terms of service. Some have suggested that the ban is related to ASCII art that she showed in stream chat or to other public or private chat messages that she sent, based on the text of the ban email.


According to a follow-up Tweet, Kalei expects this ban to be lifted in three days, which is a customary period for suggestive conduct bans for streamers like Amouranth and Indiefoxx in the past. This is Kalei's first time being banned on the platform.

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