NRG ANDROID's account hacked by racists: "I feel so unsafe in this cyber world"

Source: Android

ANDROID, a Canadian VALORANT pro playing for NRG, confirmed on Sunday that his VALORANT account was hacked and used to send racist messages to Sentinels team captain ShahZam and possibly other VALORANT professionals.



"My valorant account was hacked and they decided to send racist messages to Shahzam and possibly other people that I’m not aware of," ANDROID stated on Twitter. "I’ve taken all measures to assure the security of my account and am back in full control. Sorry to everyone who had to see that."


ANDROID admitted that his password "wasn't the best" and stated that he was using the same password that he has been using for the past six years on Steam, a practice that many security experts discourage since in six years it's very possible your password has been compromised.


The VALORANT pro also called for Riot Games to add a 2-factor authentication option to VALORANT, in hopes of preventing issues like this in the future and said that the whole situation has left him feeling "unsafe" and "sick to [his] stomach."



There was an outpouring of support and concern from the VALORANT community in response to ANDROID's distressing situation. Notably, C9 Kat said "wow, that's honestly scary, what a horrible thing to do", SRN Glorinz encouraged ANDROID by saying he is one of the nicest guys in the scene, and V1 effys lightened the mood with a joke.



The VALORANT hackers likely are taking more accounts as well, so for those who have weak passwords on VALORANT, now would be a good time to switch up your passwords. Security concerns across the internet are on the rise lately, with the entirety of Twitch being leaked last week, forcing millions of users to change their passwords. So if a site or service has 2FA as an option, it might be a good idea to activate it.

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