Asmongold is taking another Twitch break after saving his mother from a fire


Twitch streamer Asmongold is leaving Twitch again just a week after his recent return. 


On October 7, Asmongold announced an indefinite break from streaming. His decision revolved around a "terrifying" situation with his mother, who is very ill. The World of Warcraft streamer said he had laid down after a frustrating stream when he heard a "loud crash" followed by some flashing lights. 


In response, Asmongold rushed to his mom's room. According to Asmongold, his mom had been smoking too close to her oxygen tank, causing fire to erupt everywhere — including on her own body. Asmongold had to put it all out. 



Said Asmongold: “The fire was on the little oxygen tube, it was going to the tank. It was like some kind of cartoon where the fire is going to the bomb. I immediately turned off the tank. I was able to stop it from exploding and all that. Then I put the fire out that was on the floor. It was everywhere." 


Asmongold said he didn't even know if she was going to live. 


Source: Asmongold


The One True King co-creator said the situation freaked him out. In fact, it was "one of the scariest experiences" of his entire life, something he will never forget. Asmongold said he was just relieved that he was there to save her. 


"If I hadn’t streamed at that time, gone in that day, got stressed out on my stream, and laid down, she’d probably be dead. I wouldn’t have heard any of it at all while I was upstairs. It’s terrifying, and really weird, how incredibly lucky it was I was there. I keep replaying the situation in my head, four times an hour. I can’t believe it happened," Asmongold said. 


Asmongold had previously been on hiatus from streaming to deal with his mental health and help care for his mother.



Asmongold currently lives with his mother in Austin, supporting her financially. Fans have been following Asmongold's Twitter updates regarding his mother's failing health for quite some time. 

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