Final Sakurai Presents reveals Sora as final Ultimate DLC fighter, shows off moveset


After endless speculation, the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter is here. Sora is finally here! 


After the Smash community condemned a 4chan leak that predicted the announcement, it appears that the most-requested character of all time is officially a part of Ultimate's roster. Sakurai showed a lot of excitement over Sora's inclusion during the allegedly final Sakurai Presents. 


"We're finally here," he said. 



"I think he's perfect as the last fighter," Sakurai added. 


Six years ago, Nintendo had a Fighter Ballot. The top choice was Sora but the developers hid the results. They didn't want fans to get involved while the Smash team worked with Disney and other companies to get Sora into the game. It took a lot of collaboration and was a "huge undertaking," Sakurai said. 


Sora revealed as last DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate


In the reveal trailer, the Smash logo could be seen burning in the distance. One of the flame hits the ground as it burns. All of the Smash characters appear to be watching but they're frozen as trophies. Mario blinks, sees the fire in the distance, and walks off of his trophy stand. He reaches for the fire and a Keyblade appears. 



The light reanimates all of the characters as Sora flies through the keyhole. He flies through the air as the other characters watch, in awe. 


"Let's go!" 



Sora moveset revealed in Sakurai Presents


Sakurai was excited to present Sora's distinct moveset to the Smash community. This includes a lot of straightforward controls and airborne fighting. Sora has a great recovery and is quite floaty, although he's very light and easily launched.


Sora's A is a three-hit combo that opens up a variety of patterns and moves. He has a slow but powerful side tilt and strong up air. His up tilt swings the Keyblade, hitting opponents off the ground if they are close enough. His down tilt is another combo starter, knocking characters into the air right in front of him. Basically, it seems the goal is to get your opponents in the air. 


Sora's side smash is powerful, good for landing KOs. His up smash is a flash from the Keyblade. His air attacks are simple but very strong. Mastering Sora requires a lot of short hopping. 


His special moves are quite unique, working seamlessly with his aerial style. His neutral is called Magic. It has three moves it rotates through in a pattern. Firage that shoots straight to the side. Thunderange has three lightning bolts drop from the sky. And Blizzaga freezes opponents at a short range. 



Sonic Blade is a very useful and potent side special. It allows Sora to move quickly in three different directions, depending where you tilt the stick. It's great for recovery but can also hone in on opponents and attack them. This gives Sora amazing in-air control and insane off-stage moves. Sora looks deadly in the sky. 


Sakurai even says: "The air is his domain at this point." 


Sora also has a counterattack as his Down B. It causes opponents to lose their balance like it does in his original game. A lot of moves are directly from Kingdom Hearts, like Sora's signature back throw. 


Said Sakurai: "I guess that's really it. Someday it'll be complete if you keep working on something. We made so much. We're finally here." 


Sora will be available to play on October 18. 


The presentation also revealed a new stage, Hollow Bastion, that's simple with one platform. It transitions to Dive to the Heart when players are running out of time. Doomguy was announced as a Mii costume, getting a lot of "RIPs" from the viewers. 



"Three and a half years have passed since the first reveal trailer in March 2018," Sakurai said. "You could go from middle school to high school in that time. [...] Words cannot describe the many things that have happened along the way. [...] It's all been worth it. Anyway, this is the last one." 

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