Genshin Impact players now review bombing Google Classroom... for some reason

Source: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact players who are protesting the game's lack of 1st-year anniversary rewards chose a brand new tactic to express their anger at developer Mihoyo: review bombing unrelated applications, including Google Classroom, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and other popular mobile games not developer by Mihoyo, according to a report from Sisi Jiang of Kotaku.


Many Genshin Impact players have been raging against Genshin Impact the past few weeks, due to a perceived lack of content for the title's one-year anniversary. Players expressed their frustrations in a variety of ways, including review bombing it to 1-star on the Google Play Store on Tuesday and otherwise making their anger known on Twitter. 



Genshin Impact continues to receive 1-star ratings due to lack of rewards for their 1-year anniversary


But now their protests are spilling over to unrelated games and applications, according to a report from Kotaku.


Google Classroom was even trending on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, due to reports that Google Classroom's rating was dropping quickly because Genshin Impact fans were targeting it with negative reviews. According to Kotaku, the list of applications affected by the spree of random review bombings also included: Clash of Clans, League of Legends: Wild Rife, Dragalia Lost, and many others.


The playerbase's dissatisfaction with Mihoyo has been escalating for the past couple of days, with protesting players first review bombing the application itself, which spilled over into other applications made by Mihoyo like Honkai Impact 3rd and Tears of Themis, and now onto games and school application that have nothing to do with GI or Mihoyo in any way whatsoever.


The childish act of review bombing multiple random applications is a testament to the immaturity of much of Genshin Impact's audience, many of whom are children. Some have surmised that most of the people engaging in this activity are children in school, which may help explain why they chose to attack Google Classroom of all applications.


But who knows?  Maybe it's full-grown adults blind firing 1-star reviews at random. 

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