[Guide] New World faction guide for beginners

Source: Amazon Game Studios

There are three factions that players can join in New World:


  • the Syndicate
  • the Covenant
  • the Marauders.
Source: Amazon Game Studios

Each faction has its own story behind it. The Syndicate is a secretive underground organization focused on achieving enlightenment, whatever that means. The Covenant is a religious group looking to kill heretics. Finally, the Marauders are a rogue military force looking to forge a  new nations through blood and steel.


So, none of them are really good guys...


Many of New World's more interesting mechanics revolve around these factions, so here is a quick guide on factions in New World to help you get started.

How to join a faction in New World

After you complete the initial series of tutorial/beginner quests, you will be introduced to the leaders of the three factions through the storyline.


At this point, you will be allowed to choose which one you will join. Keep in mind that you can switch factions, but you can only switch to a new faction every 120 days, so choose your faction carefully. 


Each faction is made up of numerous companies. Companies must all feature members from only one faction, so if you want to play in a company with your friends, make sure you all join the same faction. 


Faction missions, territory control, and 50v50 war

The factions will compete against one another to control the map of Aeternum by engaging in and winning 50 v 50 wars.


There are various territories that can be if they are not claimed, or can be fought for in a faction war for territories that are already controlled by another faction. A company from one faction cannot attack or undermine a territory already controlled by a company in their faction.


Players can carry out Faction missions in both PvE and PvP forms to earn faction currency. Faction PvP missions carried out in enemy territory can undermine a rival faction's control of an area, though PvE missions will not. The PvP missions involve a variety of tasks from patrolling an area to delivering messages.


If enough PvP Faction missions are completed in a territory to undermine a rival faction's influence, the territory will become "conflicted," allowing for your faction to declare war. A declaration of war will kick off a 50 v 50 conflict, with the victor gaining control of the territory for their faction.


Only companies that contributed at least 10% of the faction missions will be eligible to declare war. Once the war has started, one company will be named the Vanguard. This company will be the leader of the war and will gain control over the territory upon victory, even if the company is small. Other companies will be able to volunteer for the war to make up your 50-person army.

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