T1 Keria: "Viper-Meiko is one of the best bot lanes in the LPL."

On the 26th, all LCK representatives for the 2021 LoL World Championship flew out to Iceland. Inven had a chance to briefly speak with the support player for T1, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok.


Keria commented, “Last year at Worlds, I lost to DAMWON Gaming [DWG KIA] in the quarterfinals. Since then, I’ve been sharpening my knives to get further into the tournament. During my time off, I only focused on streaming and playing solo queue.” This statement from Keria implied that he’s been focused on nothing but practice and keeping up his in-game form.


Keria shared his excitement for this year’s Worlds.“After the regional qualifiers, there was a long time until we flew out to Iceland, so I was bored. Meeting everyone here at the airport gets me excited for Worlds. I actually forgot the book I was going to read during the plane ride, so I’m planning to watch Squid Game on Netflix. I was really planning to read a book; I just forgot it this morning [laughter].”


He shared his thoughts on one of the hottest picks in the support role that rose in the meta from recent patches, Amumu. “I think Amumu can definitely be a thing in the Worlds’ meta. I’m personally prepared to bust out many more different champions other than Amumu.


When asked about his competition at Worlds, Keria replied, “I think Viper-Meiko is one of the best bot lanes in the LPL. I think it’ll be fun. Apart from the LCK teams, I want to play against FPX, RNG, and MAD Lions.”


Lastly, he closed out the brief conversation with this statement: “COVID killed the fan interaction aspect of the job; it was surreal to have so many people recognize me at the airport. I’ll make sure to prepare hard to produce great results in Iceland.”

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