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SKT T1 Blank “It always turns out positive as long as I enjoy myself”


Here is an interview we had with Blank, a rising substitute jungler for SKT T1 with much potential!

Blank has surprised us with impressive jungling in his latest matches. With Blank, SKT T1 has been charging their way to victory. Many fans have been awed by how SKT T1 has been getting perfect victories with Blank as their jungler. We had some time to ask him several questions in a video interview.

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Hello, I am Sungu 'Blank' Kang, a jungler for SKT T1.

Q. You've just been promoted to the finals. How do you feel?

I've never been placed 1st in a regular season before, so I think I can relax since we’ve already been promoted to the finals. If we relax too much in our next match, things could turn out to be difficult for us, so I'm planning to try harder.

Q. You've been playing as the relief player for SKT T1 this split. How do you feel about that?

Well, basically, I'm substituting. So I do feel a little down about that, but I'm hoping that I might get to play more if I try harder.

Q. Do you still keep in contact with Bengi, who has given you that 'will of B' (In Korea, there's this belief that a jungler whose name starts with 'B' plays well in League of Legends.)

Yes, I talked to him yesterday, and I keep in contact with Duke who's in China right now, and Scout who went to China before. I also keep in contact with Sky and Bengi... and I think I talk with former SKT players pretty frequently.

Q. Are there any anecdotes that Bengi shared with you?

He told me that the food there is actually nice, and the canned tomatoes taste good.
He also told me that he eats noodles a lot, so I hope he eats healthier food.

Q. Do you look at the community response a lot?

I do have a tendency to look at it.

Q. To be frank, not all the comments in the community are positive, but you go and look at it anyway. What's your secret for being so resilient?

Honestly, I wasn't that resilient last year. But nowadays, I started thinking I should enjoy myself no matter what the people say. Whether what the fans say about me is positive or negative, it always turns out positive as long as I enjoy myself. If I may call that a secret, then it is my secret.

Q. Is there any interesting post you've seen on the internet?

I've seen composite photos of me and Batman, and I found them really funny.
I like that people make these memes, since they actually help establish my image.

Q. There's this image of you that has become a hot topic in the Korean community, what do think about it?

That meme started with a negative meaning, but it got better, so I'm trying to take it positively. Whenever we have a match, memes about me tend to get popular, so I think it's funny.

Q. Is there any player you're close to in T1?

I'm friends with Huni and others born in 1998, so we hang out together.

Q. When do you expect your coach will marry?

Well, if things keep up like this, he's going to end up alone, so I hope he finds someone nice really soon.

Q. Are you feeling confident you’ll win the smite fights in your next match?

Well, I've been winning smite fights lately. Before, I had a tendency to not use D (I use D for Smite, and F for Flash), but now I've been successfully stealing objectives so I think I'm back to my former prowess.

Q. Any last words?

The fact that people have been watching us and rooting for us has been a great motivator for me to try even harder. Thank you so much, and I hope for the best for your all. Please come to see us at the finals, and many thanks.


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