Smash DLC fighter news from Nintendo Direct could be a jab at Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl


The Nintendo Direct revealed some information about the final Smash DLC — and it's not what fans were hoping for. 


In the Nintendo Direct on September 23, developers took a break from showing upcoming Nintendo Switch titles to give a quick update about the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC, who will also be the final to be added to the roster. 


The final Mr. Sakurai Presents will be coming October 5, 7 AM PST (10 AM PST). According to developers, the presentation will not only reveal the final Super Smash Bros. fighter but show off their moveset. 


A lot of fans felt trolled to an extent. It was most definitely an underwhelming update, although it did prove one insider's announcement prediction correct. This means there's a few more weeks until the final character is revealed, which could be a third-party icon like Master Chief or Phoenix Wright or a Nintendo classic like Waluigi or Waddle Dee. 


But it may not be a troll directed at fans. It may be a troll directed at Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl. The competing Nintendo-themed Melee-inspired fighting game will be released on October 5, the same day as the last DLC announcement.


A lot of fans felt this was done purposely as a way to compete with All-Stars Brawl, possibly even hoping to steal the thunder of its release. But others noted that Nintendo often announces DLC fighters in October, so this would match their usual pattern. 


While it's disappointing that there are a few more weeks until the final DLC is finally revealed, at least there's an open world Kirby game to discuss meanwhile. 

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