Every new CS:GO agent skin in Operation Riptide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduced Operation Riptide this past week. There is a lot of new content coming with the operation, as players might expect. One of the biggest additions is the new Riptide Agent Collection. There are twenty-one new Riptide Agents in the Collection which can be earned as rewards for playing the new operation.


Here is the complete list of every new agent skin added in the Operation Riptide collection.


Every new agents skin in the Operation Riptide Collection

There are several types of skins in the new collection, including the Guerilla Warfare themed skins for the terrorists, the Navy SEAL skins for Counter-Terrorists, and the French Gendarmerie skins for Counter-Terrorists.

Guerilla Warfare Skins (Terrorists)

Crasswater The Forgotten (Master Agent)

'Medium Rare' Crasswater the Forgotten (Master Agent)


Vypa Sista of the New Revolution (Master Agent)

Elite Trapper Solmon (Superior Agent)

Arno The Overgrown (Superior Agent)

Col. Mangos Dabisi (Exceptional Agent)

Trapper (Exceptional Agent)

Trapper Aggressor (Distinguished Agent)

SEAL Frogman Skins (Counter-Terrorists)

Skipper Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud (Master Agent)


Skipper Davida 'Goggles' Fernandez (Master Agent)

Lieutenant Rex Krikey (Superior Agent)

French Gendarmerie Skins (Counter-Terrorists)

Chef d'Escadron Rouchard

Chem-Haz Capitaine (Superior Agent)

Sous-Lieautenant Medic (Exceptional Agent)

Officer Jacques Beltram (Exceptional Agent)




The Professionals(Terrorists)

Bloody Darryl The Strapped (Superior Agent)


SWAT (Counter-Terrorists)

Lieutenant 'Tree Hugger" Farlow (Exceptional Agent)

Brazlian 1st Battalion (Counter-Terrorists)

Primeiro Tenente (Distinguisted Agent)


NZSAS (Counter-Terrorists)

D Squadron Officer (Distinguished Agent)


Elite Crew (Terrorists)

Mr. Muhlik (Distinguished Agent)


*All images via Valve

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