Super Smash Bros. Ultimate insider says final DLC fighter will be third party


Super Smash Bros. fans hoping for Waluigi, another Pokemon, or Captain Toad may be disappointed with the final DLC fighter. A well-known leaker in the Smash community is speculating that the last fighter will be a third-party character. 


Sakurai has told the Smash community countless times that the next DLC fighter will be the last. Forever. This has made fan speculation even crazier, with players anxiously awaiting the last member of the epic Smash roster. Almost every video game character has been thrown out as an option at this point, everyone praying for their favorites to make it in. 


But leaker Samus Hunter has significantly narrowed down the possibilities with their latest tweet. 


A Smash fan asked Samus Hunter why they felt the last fighter would be from a third-party title. The leaker stated that there was currently an 80% chance that the final fighter wouldn't be a Nintendo character since all upcoming games will have dedicated Spirit Battles and titles like Pokemon and Paper Mario are already represented. 



This wouldn't be too shocking. While many Nintendo titles and characters are represented in Smash, the game has since become a giant mashup of all popular games from a variety of publishers and consoles. Snake, Banjo & Kazooie, Sonic, Mega Man, Sephiroth, Ryu, and Pac Man are just some of the third-party fighters in Smash. 


While the characters in Smash have quite a range, they all have one thing in common: They are iconic characters. 


If Samus Hunter is to be believed, that means there's a high chance that fan favorites like Doomguy and Master Chief have a good chance of being the final fighter. But if we know anything about the team behind Smash, they would much prefer to make the final fighter someone that nobody will expect. 

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